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The Turtles - Shell Shock

The Turtles – Shell Shock
(soniclovenoize reconstruction)

Side A:
1.  Goodbye Surprise
2.  Like It or Not
3.  There You Sit Lonely
4.  We Ain’t Gonna Party No More
5.  Lady-O

Side B:
6.  Gas Money
7.  Can I Go On
8.  You Want To Be A Woman
9.  If We Only Had The Time
10.  Who Would Ever Think That I Would Marry Margaret
11.  Teardrops

This is a reconstruction of what was intended to be The Turtles final album Shell Shock.  Produced by Jerry Yester for a 1970 release, the band envisioned Shell Shock as their masterpiece and career coda but it remained unfinished due to extreme meddling from their record label.  White Whale Records went back on their word to fund the album and entrapped frontmen Flo and Eddie to bend to their corporate wishes.  After dissolving the band, White Whale trickled out the Shell Shock material, in various forms of completeness, on various compilation releases until the label themselves dissolved as well.  This reconstruction attempts to cull all the material originally recorded and meant to be a part of the Shell Shock project into a finished, cohesive album, utilizing the best possible masters of each track. 

An extreme example of the commercial world destroying the artistic, quite simply: The Turtles are martyrs.  Locked into a record contract so rigid that frontmen Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman were not even allowed to use their actual names after the break-up of The Turtles, much of their career in the 60s were spent fighting the industry that restrained them.  Miraculously, many of their successes were embodiments of this—most notably their hit song “Elenore”, a sarcastic response to their label’s request to write an assembly-line pop hit in the fashion of their signature hit “Happy Together”.  That friction climaxed in 1969 as the band began winding down after years of biting the hands that barely fed them as well as the commercial let-down of their previous album, the Ray Davies-produced Turtle Soup. 

In an attempt for a final bravado, the quintet assembled at Sunset Sound studios in late 1969 and began recording their usual mix of originals and outside-written tracks.  Produced by Jerry Yester, the band again sought to record another intelligent and musically diverse album as Turtle Soup, this time a bit more commercial.  Songs known to have been recorded during these sessions include: original songs “Can I Go On”, “If We Only Had The Time”, “There You Sit Lonely”, “We Ain’t Gonna Party No More” and guitarist Al Nichol’s “You Want To Be A Woman”; the Bonner/Gordon leftovers “Goodbye Surprise” and “Like It Or Not”; an authentic cover of Jan & Arnie’s “Gas Money”; and a cover of the band's live staple, Lee Andrews & The Hearts’ “Teardrops”.  But midway through the sessions, White Whale wished The Turtles to have a hit single, and suggested that Kaylan and Volman fly to Memphis and record vocal overdubs on a pre-recorded backing track for the ridiculously corny song “Who Would Ever Thought That I Would Marry Margaret”, penned by professional songwriters Dino and Sembello.  Kaylan and Volman refused, claiming this transgression would reduce their rock band into transparent pop idols.  In retaliation for their refusal to turn their band into a pair of fake pop singers, White Whale chained the doors to their studio at Sunset Sound and even posted guards outside the door, not allowing The Turtles to even retrieve their own gear, let alone finish the album!

In a desperate attempt to save the Shell Shock recordings and the hope to somehow finish the album, Kaylan and Volman agreed to record “Margaret”, although they refused to add anything other than their necessary lead and backing vocals.  This ‘unfinished’ mix was released to dismal critical and commercial attention—just as the pair had predicted—and the single was a flop.  Despite Kaylan and Volman’s participation, White Whale still refused to let The Turtles finish Shell Shock and both parties sued each other: White Whale sued The Turtles for a breach of contract and The Turtles sued White Whale for a missing $2,500,000 that was owed to them. The band soon called it quits amidst litigation.  In one final plea to salvage the band’s reputation, White Whale allowed Kaylan, Volman and Nichol to record vocals for a final Turtles single, the beautiful “Lady-O”.  Written and performed acoustically by Judee Sill, it was a gentle goodbye to the band. 

Shell Shock remained in the vaults and as Kaylan and Volman regrouped as Flo and Eddie and were absorbed into Frank Zappa’s reformed Mothers of Invention, White Whale continued to exploit The Turtles name, the label’s only charting act.  After re-releasing some of their mid-60s singles, White Whale released the more completed Shell Shock material on the compilation More Golden Hits in 1970.  But time would prove the protagonists as victors, as White Whale went bankrupt and their assets auctioned off in 1974.  Who was it that bought The Turtles back-catalog?  Two gentlemen by the name of Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan!

As “Happy Together” proved to be a timeless classic, the legacy of The Turtles seemed profitable enough for re-releases, this time controlled by the actual founders of The Turtles.  Notable from this first reissue campaign on Rhino Records was an official reconstruction of Shell Shock released in 1987, attempting to match what the band might have released in 1970 had the album been finished!  Unfortunately, Flo and Eddie’s own official Shell Shock reconstruction is long out-of-print and is not even mentioned in the band’s own online discography.  Luckily for us, all of the songs trickled out as bonus tracks on The Turtles reissues on the Repertoire and Sundazed labels in the 90s.  The most recent—which features the most superior mastering—is the anthology Solid Zinc, although the left and right channels are mysteriously swapped.   Even though the band’s own take on Shell Shock is long forgotten, we have no trouble replicating it… or rather, making our own take on it, an album that never was!

My reconstruction of Shell Shock begins similarly to The Turtles own out-of-print reconstruction from 1987, with the bombastic rocker “Goodbye Surprise”.  We are using the master from Solid Zinc but with the channels swapped to be correct.  Following is “Like it Or Not” taken from the compilation Let Me Be: 30 Years of Rock n Roll.  “There You Sit Lonely” and “We Ain’t Gonna Party No More” follow, with Side A concluding with the uplifting “Lady-O”, all taken from Solid Zinc but with the channels swapped.  Unlike the band’s official reconstruction, I am excluding “Cat In The Window”.  While apparently produced by Jerry Yester—suggesting it indeed dates from the Shell Shock sessions—the track sounds unfinished and more reminiscent of an outtake from their first album.  Without more information, the song is dropped to make a more concise album. 

Side B deviates a bit from the band’s own reconstruction, as my version opens with the ruckus of “Gas Money”, currently a bonus track from Flo & Eddie's self-released reissue of It Ain’t Me Babe.  Following is “Can I Go On” also from the Let Me Be compilation.  Another deviation from the official Shell Shock is my exclusion of “Dance This Dance”, a track rendered redundant because of the superior version found on the previous album Turtle Soup, as well as the fact that it didn’t even date from the Yester Sessions.  Instead is “You Want To Be a Woman” from the Repertoire reissue of Wooden Head, and then “If We Only Had The Time” from the Repertoire reissue of Turtle Soup.  While many feel that the atrocious “Who Would Ever Think That I Would Marry Margaret” was never truly intended to be on the album, I propose it probably would have been White Whale's condition for the album's release and it is included here as a historical curiosity at the very least.  Note that I am using the extremely rare stereo mix, only released once in 1970 on More Golden Hits; every other release is the mono mix at an incorrect speed  My reconstruction ends with “Teardrops”, taken from the Repertoire You Baby reissue.  

Sources used:
It Ain’t Me Babe (2012 Amazon KYDC on-demand CD)
Let Me Be:  30 Years of Rock ‘n Roll (1995 Laserlight CD)
More Golden Hits (1970 White Whale personal vinyl rip)
Solid Zinc (2002 Rhino CD)
Turtle Soup (Repertoire 1998 CD)
Wooden Head (Repertoire 1992 CD)
You Baby (Repertoire 1993 CD)

flac --> wav --> editing in SONAR, Audacity and Goldwave --> flac encoding via TLH lv8
* md5 files, track notes and artwork included


  1. Cool, looking forward to giving this a nice long listen. :)

  2. Thanks for the new post. Not a Turtles fan so looking forward to giving this a listen, Happy New Year and thanks for al the work.

  3. ANother suggestion: The Complete WOnderwall Sessions- George Harrison

    The Film had songs that weren't included on the album, and there are recordings from those sessions that were not on the soundtrack or film. It would be awesome to hear, especially if it could flow well.

  4. Excellent, dude. The Turtles abide.

  5. This is excellent, although I couldn't really see a reason to exclude 'Cat In The Window', so I've popped it back into side one on my copy! Great album - should be commercially available.

    My own latest project is the 'lost' second Neil Young and Crazy Horse album, known under the working title 'Oh, Lonesome Me'. I came up with this:

    Side One:
    01 Winterlong (live, 1970)
    02 Look At All The Things
    03 Everybody's Alone
    04 Downtown
    05 Wonderin'
    06 It Might Have Been (live, 1970)

    Side Two:
    01 Oh, Lonesome Me
    02 I Don't Want To Talk About It
    03 When You Dance, I Can Really Love
    04 I Believe In You
    05 Dance Dance Dance
    06 Birds (original b-side version)

    Tracks are drawn mostly from the 'Archives' box, the 'Crazy Horse' album and the 'Danny By The River' boot.

    Works great and I found that this really serves to illuminate the development between 'Everybody Knows' and 'After The Goldrush', despite Neil not actually appearing on a few tracks! It has immediately become one of my personal favourite NYCH listens, but I'd be intrigued to see a SonicLove take on this.

    1. Interesting, do you have a link for it brother?

    2. Because I have no patience, and have all the necessary faculties to get off my ass and actually compile it myself, I agree that this is a groovy listen. Would definitely love to see noize use some of the live versions with Young actually singing mixed with studio tracks from the Crazy Horse album. That would be legendary.

    3. wicked cool ! would love to see Mr. Noize take this one on. Would recommend the Fillmore show rather than Danny By The River. I think the audio quality is better, but then again, I don't have the equipment to make sonic improvements. Hope we see this one on the blog in the future.

    4. Thanks Nick and David. I should point out that of the three songs here which don't feature Neil, only one - Downtown - exists in a live version with him (and even that is a different arrangement!)

      Apart from which, 'Look At All The Things' and 'I Don't Want To Talk About It' are Danny Whitten compositions, so I think he would have sung lead on them anyway. All you're missing, therefore, is Neil's guitar and backing vocals, which are ably provided by Nils Lofgren. I can't really imagine Neil even attempting backing vocals on 'I Don't Want To Talk About It' anyway; not a song his voice was ever meant to sing!

      Regarding 'Danny By The River' verses 'Fillmore East', you could switch out the versions of 'Winterlong' if you wanted, but I went with the 'Danny' version in order to keep it consistent with the other live track, 'It Might Have Been' (the only version I know of).

      I'm still hopeful the original studio take of 'Winterlong' will emerge one day, so I can switch it out for the live cut. 'Till then, I think this is the best you can do.

    5. Sydfloyd,have you got a blog to update your stuff?

  6. And fantastic work Mr. Noize. I was not even aware of this one. So I was pleasantly surprised. Could hardly believe my ears on the first track. Sounds like they channeled the spirit of Iron Butterfly or something.

  7. There's a guy that does pretty much what Sonic does,and does it greatly.Take a look at it: http://albumfixer.blogspot.com.br

    1. Thanks for the link. That guy has had some good ideas, but I don't like his heavy-handed use of bonus tracks; just compile the best album you can and let it stand alone!

      Anyway, he did get me thinking about a potential 1971 Dylan album, so I went ahead and did my own take on it:

      Side One:
      01 Watching the River Flow
      02 Crash On The Levee (Down in the Flood)
      03 Wallflower
      04 Only a Hobo
      05 Bring Me A Little Water
      06 I Shall Be Released

      Side Two:
      01 You Ain't Goin' Nowhere
      02 George Jackson
      03 Tomorrow is a Long Time
      04 Song to Woody
      05 When I Paint My Masterpiece

      Mostly sourced from 'Greatest Hits 2' and 'The Bootleg Series 10'. 'Tomorrow Is A Long Time' is a 'New Morning' out-take and 'Song To Woody' comes from the famous session with George Harrison.

      Which version of each song you choose to use is pretty much down to personal preference, but whatever, it's a fine listen (better than I expected) and well worth the time to compile.

      I thought 'Down In The Flood' was as good a name as any for it.

    2. is his stuff downloadable ? couldn't find any links. thanks

    3. No, he says in his first post: "I do not actually provide the audio files, mainly because I don't know how to, but I figure you can get the music on your own."

  8. Thanks again for a fantastic job. Just discovered you this past year and have enjoyed all of your hard work..... Looking forward to your next project.

  9. Hi, what you're doing is just brilliant. Thanx for this. Far better job than these 5 CD's Limited Box sets you just get bored listening to them

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  11. Another suggestion:
    Apparently Dr.John The Night Tripper was supposed to release
    'The Sun,Moon,and Herbs' album as a triple disc record.

    Also an album of Miles Davis that includes his Sitar/Tambura sessions/songs. Litte Blue Frog is an example of one of those songs. I think those were recorded for BItches Brew.

  12. Mr. Noize! Thank you! I really enjoy this album. Life sure was unfair for the Turtles. This album is just great, it's such a shame that it wasn't to be. Before this turtle soup was the only album by the group I really liked.
    But I really hate that marry Margaret song. It really sounds awful and makes me mad. It makes me bleed....
    Anyway. Thank you!

  13. Ok, time for a readers poll! IMO
    What a are your top 5 soniclovenoize reconstructions?

    1. 1.Lifehouse
      2.Celebration Of The Lizard
      5.First Rays Of The New Rising Sun
      Hope you enjoy and agree

    2. all of the beatles albums that never were

  14. The Albumfixer blog is a bit of a waste of time seeing as he doesn't upload any of his work....seems like a lot of work for little point...This blog is great compared to that one,Jay

    1. agreed, what's the point ? some of us don't have the programs needed to make the edits.

  15. 1. Smile 67
    2. Celebration Of The Lizard
    3. It Comes to You in a Plain Brown Wrapper
    4. Get Back
    5. RIP

    I enjoy other albums as well, but these are the ones I listen to the most. Today I had the Turtles on repeat at work.

    1. Least favourites
      1.Contractual Obrigations (Don't get me wrong,It's impossible to make a good album with that)
      2.Get Back (Using LIBN tracks instead of Glyn John's,and wrong tracklisting)
      Can't figure out any more that disappointed me!

    2. Oddly enough, those are two of my favorites.
      I love Sonic's Get Back because it is so different from my own Get Back mix. It sounds loose and raw, like it was a BBC radio concert in support of the album, like the ones they did in 63/64.

  16. I just made an entire album worth of 65-66 Bob Dylan session outtakes and non-album tracks. Thought any Dylan fans might enjoy this if you haven't tried it. It's a glorious thing.

    1. Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?
    2. Sitting On A Barbed Wire Fence
    3. If You Gotta Go, Go Now
    4. Phantom Engineer
    5. I Wanna Be Your Lover
    6. Lunatic Princess
    7. Jet Pilot
    8. I Wanna Be Your Partner
    9. You Don't Have To Do That
    10. She's Your Lover Now
    11. Positively 4th Street
    12. I'll Keep It With Mine

    1. Most of those are alternate takes of already released songs, they just have different names. I like the idea, but think it would be better with non album tracks. Bootlegs, singles, outtakes. Not alternate takes or mixes, unless the song is played almost completely different.

    2. I've tried doing something like this. I only used outtakes and singles, though, and not alternate versions of released tracks:

      "I'll Keep It with Mine" ('65 piano version)
      "Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?"
      "Sitting on a Barbed Wire Fence"
      "If You Gotta Go, Go Now"
      "I Wanna Be Your Lover"
      "She's Your Lover Now"
      "Positively 4th Street"
      "Number One" (I faded it out about halfway through)
      "Mama, You Been on My Mind"
      "Farewell, Angelina" (I used these last two rambling folk songs to close out each album side)
      I think I might have also used "Tell Me, Momma" from 5/14/66 in Liverpool

      Anyway, I found the whole thing could tell a story of discovering love and then losing it. I could never sequence the tracks to my liking and I ended up giving up on it.

    3. Sounds like Bringing it all Back home style/time frame songs, which is great. Though I wish there were more unreleased/outtake songs from 66.

    4. I know that one of them is an alternate take of From A Buick 6 but what are some other examples?

  17. So, check it out Sonic. This is actually a hobby of mine as well and while I normally do hip-hop album reconstructions, I have some post-Waters Pink Floyd albums that I reconstructed: The Final Cut, which operates under the question "what if Waters never left Pink Floyd?" including bits of The Wall and The Final Cut as well as some Floydian Waters solo cuts, but also RW solo songs spliced together with post-Waters Pink Floyd songs;

    The Division Bell, which is a compiling of tracks from The Division Bell together with tracks from Richard Wright's solo album Broken China, since Wright complained that a lot of his ideas went unused and a lot of those probably made their way onto his solo album;

    and The Endless River, which uses tracks from The Endless River along with studio and live tracks from Gilmour's solo album On an Island, since it really just sounds more cohesive and dynamic that way;

    as well as a Gilmour "solo album" which uses tracks from his eponymous debut plus studio tracks from A Momentary Lapse of Reason and live tracks from some of their concerts, plus some features that he did with Roy Harper.

    If you want to give them a listen and maybe upload them on your blog you can feel free. Hit me at armarks@live.com.

  18. It would be fun to see the track listings for the reconstructed Pink Floyd you are referencing.

  19. Someone mentioned the "lost" miles davis album from 75-78 (last recording session until comeback) when he "retired" from music and then made his come back in '81.

    Here is the tracklist I compiled from the online session discography (http://www.plosin.com/milesahead/Sessions.aspx?d=7) and listed the tracks from month/date/year format.

    The "Agharta Prelude" track from the 1972 sessions is included because of it's inclusion on the live album of the same name, released in '75 when Miles was on his retirement.

    As roughly as 25- 30 minutes per side of an LP, this means this record of songs would be 2 LPs, with LP 2Side 4 reserved for various noodling/ alternate takes/ white noise.

    LP 1 Side 1:

    1.U-Turnaround (take 15) (1972) [Agharta Prelude] (M. Davis) 9:09
    2. Turn of the Century Feb 27, 1975 (15:34)

    LP 1 Side 2:
    3. Minnie (recorded May 5, 1975) [Take 6] - 4:57
    4. Latin [take 6] recorded May 5, 1975 (4:41)
    5.untitled original 750505 [take 2] recorded May 5, 1975 (6:15)
    6. Mother Dearest Mother (take 4) (6:05)

    LP 2 Side 1:

    7. Song of Landa [take 2] recorded Mar. 30, 1976 (4:05)
    8. Untitled original [take 5] recorded Mar 30, 1976) (5:27)
    9. TDK Funk recorded Dec 27, 1976 (5:01)
    10. Miss Last Summer (take 10) recorded Mar 2 1978) (7:40)

    All sources are best quality used (studio quality and 320 MP3 as well as lossless FLAC )
    Sources for these songs/ sessions are as follows:

    "Unknown Sessions 1973-1976 volumes 1-3.
    "Get Up on it" (only "Minnie")
    "Miles Davis - More sessions 75-76"
    So What CDRs' "Comeback Sessions, Volumes 1 and 2"

    This would be fun to make/ listen to, and bridges the gap between Miles' retirement - to "The man with the Horn".

    That's my spin on it. I'd love to hear Sonics work with it and all though.

    1. The actual miles davis mentioned was from late 69-70 sitar tambura sessions. but this looks sick also.

  20. Excellent! Thank you so much. I'm not all that familiar with the later Turtles material, so this is truly appreciated.

  21. Rambling Rose: (Double LP) LP1: Side One:

    1. Bertha
    2. Jack Straw
    3. Mr. Charlie
    4. He's Gone

    LP 2: Side 2:

    5. Brown-Eyed Women
    6. Mexicali Blues
    7. Tennessee Jed
    8. Wharf Rat

    LP 2: Side One:

    1. One More Saturday Night
    2. Sugaree
    3. Black Throated Wind
    4. Deal
    5. Comes a Time

    LP 2 Side 2:

    5. Looks Like Rain
    6. Bird Song
    7. Playing in The Band
    8. To Lay Me Down
    9. Greatest Story Ever Told
    This would be akin to the Europe 72 release, instead of spreading it out over E72, Garcia, and Ace. As this is a double album, I omitted the songs that weren't debuted until after E72 (The Wheel, Cassidy, as well as Ramble On Rose, which didn't fit the nonsensical story line. The problem with this type of album that never was, is the sheer volume of all the new songs debuted in 71/72.

  22. With the sudden break-up of The Black Crowes, what about a compilation of their most recent solo works combined together?
    (Chris Robinson Brotherhood - Phosphorescent Harvest
    Rich Robinson - The Ceaseless Sight
    Trigger Hippy - Trigger Hippy)

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. I made a Faces fifth album for 1974, as if they hadn't quite broken up yet, but Rod Stewart was still less involved in it like in Ooh La La. It has some of the Faces late '73 - early '74 output with Ronnie Lane and Ron Wood's solo albums. It's actually a very solid album. I called it Only A Bird In A Gilded Cage..., as per a track on Ronnie Lane's debut.

  25. Heres one for Pinkfloyd people. Pre- Piper At the Gates of Dawn
    Side One
    1.Arnold Lane (mono single)
    2.Lets Roll Another One (bootleg)
    3.Lucy Leave (acetate)
    4.King Bee (acetate)
    5. Bob Dylan Blues (compilation)

    Side 2
    1.Interstellar Overdrive (1966 version)
    2. See Emily Play (Mono Single)

  26. Also an updated Alternate Saucerful idea.
    Side One.
    1.Apple and Oranges (syd compilation)
    2.Vegetable Man (1974 mix)
    3. Remember a Day
    4.Set Controls For the Heart of the Sun
    5.Paintbox (single)

    Side 2
    1.Nick's Boogie (live)
    2. Scream Thy Last Scream (Magnesium Proverbs bootleg) or a clean BBC version
    3. Jugband Blues

    Bonus Tracks for the cd issue
    1.Beechwoods (With intro)
    2. "Sunshine" (untitled bootleg)

  27. Suggestion: the Love double "lost album" from 1969: I don't know if a tracklisting exists but Arthur Lee finally released all the avalaible (?) songs on Four Sail & Out There. At the end, I think you should have to carefully pick the right tracks.

  28. An alternate version of The Flaming Lips' At War With The Mystics more in line with the aesthetics of The Soft Bulletin and Yoshimi. Some of this era's b-sides are absolute killer tracks that should have been on the album:

    1. The W.A.N.D
    2. You've Got To Hold On (b-side)
    3. The Sound of Failure
    4. My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion
    5. Vein Of Stars
    6. The Wizard Turns On...
    7. Why Does It End? (b-side)
    8. Time Travel, Yes!! (b-side, Wayne Coyne version)
    9. Enthusiasm For Life (Fearless Freaks soundtrack)
    10. Pompei And Gotterdamerrung
    11. The Gold In The Mountain Of Our Madness (b-side)
    12. The Stars Are So Big, I Am So Small (instrumental version)


  29. Any thoughts on a single disc Sandinista?

  30. I know "Four More Respected Gentlemen" - The Kinks, was already suggested, but there are different options for ways in which SLN could construct this and things to consider:
    How long is the album going to be?

    11 Tracks (shortened)? or the "rejected" version (15-tracks)?

    also: Most songs were recorded in both MONO and STEREO... would he use MONO for the whole LP, or a STEREO LP? orrr he could do a mix (side 1 Mono), Side 2 Stereo) ?

    As well as with the mono/stereo discussion, that leads to some versions of songs being longer than their mono or stereo counterparts.. (Do you want a long version of the album based on selections he chooses, or do you want a shorter version based on the choices?

    This is what makes "Four More Respected Gentlemen" so fun and subjective ;)

    1. after an analysis of length of songs by MONO/ Stereo (where applicable), stereo is longer, although, you still could have a longer side, and then the shorter side to finish off the album... heres the list (all songs sourced from The Sanctury 2011/1998) re-issues.

      Side A:
      1."She's Got Everything “ (a) (Anthology) (Early demo version) (mono) STEREO: 3:11 (LONGER)
      2."Monica" (b) MONO: 2:13 STEREO: 2:16 (LONGER)
      3."Mr. Songbird” (c) MONO: 2:25 (unreleased mix) STEREO: 2:27 (LONGER)
      4."Johnny Thunder" (b) STEREO #1: 2:33 STEREO2 Remix: 2:36 (LONGER)
      5."Polly" (a) MONO: 2:51 STEREO: 2:52 (LONGER)
      6."Days" (a) MONO: 2:55 STEREO: 2:53 BBC: 3:02 (LONGER)
      Side B:
      1."Animal Farm" (b) BBC Session mix: 2:56 STEREO (alt. Mix): 3:02 ( LONGER)
      2."Berkeley Mews" (a) MONO: 2:36 STEREO: 2:40 (LONGER)
      3."Picture Book" (b) MONO: 2:34 STEREO: 2:38 (LONGER)
      4."Phenomenal cat" (b) MONO: 2:34 STEREO: 2:38 (LONGER)
      5."Misty Water" (c) MONO: 3:12 STEREO: 3:05 (LONGER)

      Additional Tracks:
      1."Autumn Almanac" (a) MONO: 3:06 STEREO: 3:16 ( Longer)
      2."Did You See His Name" (a) MONO: 2:00 (LONGER) STEREO: 1:56
      3."There Is No Life Without Love" (c) MONO: 2:01
      4."Susannah's Still Alive" (a) MONO: 2:22 (LONGER) (Stereo) BBC: 2:14

    2. 4MRG is on my shortlist to do, so thinks for the info.

    3. And I think There Is No Life Without Love is a must-have track, in my honest opinion :)

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  32. Brilliant reconstruction - Turtles still an underrated band after all these years. Thanks!

  33. Used to have all the original Turtles albums back in the day, so looking forward to hearing this reconstruction...thanks.

  34. Concerning The Turtles Shell Shock. When I click on "part 2" I get an error message that says "Bad Gateway". Can you help?

  35. It was released, I have a copy

    1. The only 'release' was a 1987 album of out-takes on Rhino which makes little attempt to reconstruct the originally intended LP track listing. A genuine, finished, 'Shell Shock' doesn't exist.

  36. Thanks for all your great, painstaking, imaginative work! I don't see a link on this one... is it in the comments?

    1. https://albumsthatneverwere.blogspot.com/2018/09/the-turtles-shell-shock-upgrade.html