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The Beatles - The 1970s Beatles Albums (upgrade)

The Beatles – The 1970s Beatles Albums
(a soniclovenoize reimagining)

October 2019 UPGRADE

Disc 1 – Instant Karma! (1970)
Side A:
 1.  Instant Karma!  (We All Shine On)
 2.  All Things Must Pass
 3.  Every Night
 4.  I Found Out
 5.  Beware of Darkness
 6.  Working Class Hero
 7.  Momma Miss America
Side B:
 8.  It Don’t Come Easy
 9.  Isolation
10.  Junk
11.  My Sweet Lord
12.  Maybe I’m Amazed
13.  Love
14.  Hear Me Lord

Disc 2 – Imagine Clouds Dripping (1971) 
Side A:
 1.  Power To The People
 2.  What is Life
 3.  Dear Boy
 4.  Bangla Desh
 5.  Jealous Guy
 6.  The Back Seat of My Car
Side B:
 7.  Imagine
 8.  Another Day
 9.  Back off Bugaloo
10.  Oh My Love
11.  Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
12.  Isn’t It A Pity

Disc 3 – Living In The Material World (1972)
Side A:
 1.  Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)
 2.  Hi, Hi, Hi
 3.  John Sinclair
 4.  I’m The Greatest
 5.  Who Can See It
 6.  Woman Is The Nigger Of The World
Side B:
 7.  Live and Let Die
 8.  New York City
 9.  Living In The Material World
10.  Single Pigeon
11.  Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
12.  My Love

Disc 4 – Band On The Run (1973)
Side A:
 1.  Mind Games
 2.  Jet
 3.  One Day At A Time
 4.  Mrs. Vanderbilt
 5.  Photograph
 6.  Be Here Now
Side B:
 7.  Band On The Run
 8.  I Know (I Know)
 9.  Don’t Let Me Wait Too Long
10.  Out Of The Blue
11.  The Day The World Gets Round
12.  Let Me Roll It

Disc 5 – Good Night Vienna (1974)
Side A:
 1.  Venus and Mars/Rock Show
 2.  Whatever Gets You Thru The Night
 3.  Love In Song
 4.  So Sad
 5.  Steel and Glass
Side B:
 6.  Junior’s Farm
 7.  (It’s All Down To) Good Night Vienna
 8.  Dark Horse
 9.  #9 Dream
10.  You Gave Me The Answer
11.  Nobody Loves You (When You’re Down and Out)
12.  Venus and Mars (Reprise)

BONUS Disc 6 – Skywriting By Word Of Mouth (1980)
Side A:
 1.  (Just like) Starting Over
 2.  Take It Away
 3.  Dream Away
 4.  Ballroom Dancing
 5.  Watching The Wheels
 6.  Wanderlust
Side B:
 7.  Tug of War
 8.  Nobody Told Me
 9.  All Those Years Ago
10.  The Pound is Sinking
11.  I’m Losing You
12.  You Can’t Fight Lightning
13.  Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)

Well hello there.  This is a long requested re-upload/upgrade, and I’ll finally make good on my promise to do it: The 1970s Beatles albums.  A series of reimaginings that ask “What if The Beatles didn’t break up in 1970?”, my collection, included here as one singular set, includes five proper 1970s Beatles albums: 1970’s Instant Karma, 1971’s Imagine Clouds Dripping, 1972’s Living In The Material World, 1973’s Band On The Run and 1974’s Good Night ViennaI am also offering my long-lost 1980 Beatles reunion album Skywriting By Word of Mouth as a sixth bonus disc of this set

Pretty much all sources have been upgraded, specifically from John’s Signature Box (which contains all original mixes), George’s Apple Years box set and Paul’s Archive Series releases.  Some slight tracklist alterations were made to fix errors or misjudgments I made seven years ago.  More importantly, all crossfades were recreated and, in my opinion, improved over the originals

Source used:
George Harrison – The Dark Horse Years 1976-1992 (2004)
George Harrison – The Apple Years 1968-75 (2014)
John Lennon – Sometime in New York City (2005 remix)
John Lennon – Signature Box (2010)
John Lennon – Imagine (2018 box set)
Paul McCartney – Band On The Run (2010 remaster)
Paul McCartney – McCartney (2011 remaster)
Paul McCartney – RAM (2012 remaster)
Paul McCartney – Venus and Mars (2014 remaster)
Paul McCartney – Tug of War (2015 remix)
Paul McCartney – Red Rose Speedway (2018 remaster)
Ringo Starr – Stop and Smell The Roses (1994 remaster)
Ringo Starr – Photographs: The Best of Ringo Starr (2007)

flac --> wav --> editing in SONAR Pro and Goldwave --> flac encoding via TLH lv8
*md5, artwork and tracknotes included


  1. Christ I hate being the asshole that leaves a negative comment, but I have been trying to grab this in Flac or MP3 for the past hour or so and Megaupload keeps telling me this torrent failed to load, so I can't grab it :-(. How can one circumvent this and grab it (I've had a ton of strokes in the past 18 months so please assume you are talking to a child when explaining how). It looks fantastic in any case.

  2. Try again Mike F. It worked fine for me at 6:00 EST

    1. Trying again and still getting the same error message since about 7:30pm (I realize that probably a Megaupload problem and not an Albums That Never Were Site issue)

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  3. Well, this is quite a cause for celebration! Many thanks!

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    1. Try these:

      Mp3 -
      FLAC -

    2. I think that worked. Thank you so very much :-0

    3. Now that I've got this I know what I'll be listening to next Sunday all day after the Suicidal Tendancies punk festival this Saturday. YAY! Can hardly wait for Sunday.

    4. You're quite welcome :)

      I considered hosting them on my Google Drive, much like I had with the mp3s of the previously deleted ICD and LITMW (which I hope doesn't happen again by the same means it originally happened all those years ago LOL), but I figured only to do that in case this gets struck with another copyright strike (if I'm remembering correctly), so a short-term yet simple file transfer platform seemed to be the best option to help you out (which is the funniest irony to me, that no sooner had I successfully downloaded both from Mega, I immediately upped them to WeTransfer after reading of your problems, in hopes it would work, as I have yet to hear anyone complain about the service), and I'm glad it worked. :)

      P.S. ST to the Beatles? Not the weirdest segue I've heard in my life, but it's up there LOL Enjoy, as I now see myself taking in the set much in the same manner as you plan to, when I get the chance ;)

  5. Hey Sonic, Thanks for the upgrades... really looking forward to switching them out with the previous ones.

  6. This looks so well curated! Looking forward to the listening experience, thanks!

  7. Great, no longer need to host the ICD & LITMW mp3s LOL

  8. I'm curious on your take on a 90s Beatles album

    1. That would be scraping the bottom of the beatle

    2. I made one. I think it works quite well, especially since everything on it was produced by Jeff Lynne, so it has a consistent sound. Open with "Real Love" and close with "Free as a Bird", and George has some amazing songs from Brainwashed, and Macca has some nice melancholy songs. Throw in one or two from Ringo, and it's actually a pretty solid album.

      I'd made two early 80s albums in this vein, one built from Double Fantasy and other songs recorded 78-80 or so, and one like Milk and Honey, where it's supposed to be posthumous, recorded in 1980. I'm curious to see how the first compares to your 80s album. I'll go check my laptop, and comment the current tracklist for them, so you can see for yourself. (I think the 90s one is the best of the three, actually.)

    3. Spinning Round

      1. Coming Up
      2. (Just Like) Starting Over
      3. Not Guilty
      4. Wrack My Brain
      5. Nobody Knows
      6. I'm Losing You
      7. Blow Away

      8. Goodnight Tonight
      9. Woman
      10. Here Comes the Moon
      11. Watching the Wheels
      12. Dark Sweet Lady
      13. One of These Days
      14. Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)

      Borrowed Time

      1. I'm Stepping Out
      2. Take It Away
      3. (Forgive Me) My Little Flower Princess
      4. Sat Singing
      5. You Belong To Me
      6. The Pound Is Sinking
      7. Nobody Told Me

      8. Tears of the World
      9. Ballroom Dancing
      10. Borrowed Time
      11. All Those Years Ago
      12. I Don't Wanna Face It
      13. Here Today
      14. Grow Old With Me

      Roads of Freedom

      1. Real Love
      2. The Song We Were Singing
      3. Any Road
      4. Beautiful Night
      5. Don't Go Where the Road Don't Go
      6. Marwa Blues

      7. Somedays
      8. After All These Years
      9. Run So Far
      10. Calico Skies
      11. Rising Sun
      12. Free As a Bird


      I don't do much on Spotify because most of my playlists have at least one song unavailable, and also I can't adjust song transitions to work the way I want, but here's that 90s album. Needs some tightening in the transitions, but this gives you the idea.

    5. Here's my pass at a 90s 'reunion' album -- to make it interesting, I gave Jeff Lynne a couple of tracks (for the fun of it) also, all but George's Brainwashed contributions have at least 3 out of 5 players (John, Paul, George, Ringo...Jeff)

    6. The Anthology Album, Flaming Pie. CD is the primary format, naturally, but I'll present them as sides anyway:

      Free As A Bird
      Any Road
      Really Love You
      Borrowed Time
      Stuck Inside a Cloud
      Little Willow
      Vertical Man

      Real Love
      Calcio Skies
      Never Get Over You
      Nobody Told Me
      Great Day
      Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea
      Grow Old
      Flaming Pie

      Bonus Track: The Jam session from the Anthology doc series. Yes, including the ukulele on the grass part.

    7. Oh yeah, I forgot! "Now & Then" was a planned song for Anthology 3. In that event, feel free to swap out Borrowed Time or Nobody Told Me for it.

  9. This is fantastic, many thanks Sonic.

  10. Thank you for the upgrade! Ever thought about a live-compilation (2LP?) of their "Never Ending Tour"?

    1. If the new remix of Lennon's One On One concert (Live in NYC) ever comes out, then probably, yes. As it stands, it sounds really terrible when paired with Concert For Bangladesh and Wings Over Europe, which is really the only way to do it.


  11. Thanks for these fantasy albums !

  12. Awesome really. Thanks a lot for this stuff!

  13. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing your work! I always enjoy seeing a new post on this blog.

    I had also noted the blogger who had commented on the previous versions with their three post Beatles albums: Through Many Years, Out the Blue, and Rock Show. There was Surprisingly little overlap on the first two with yours, so I could make a handful of modifications and have them sit side-by-side. (I modified yours, because you had bonus tracks to substitute in and also the other blogger had built their tracklists to be able to fool people into thinking they were unfinished Beatles reunions, so it was harder to mess with those.)

    Rockshow, however, overlapped heavily with Good Night Vienna, so I merged them to make a double LP, which I think works quite well. The Dr. John impression at the end of "Call Me Back Again" goes right into "Whatever Gets You Thru the Night" rather perfectly. In fact, side 1 is the same as yours, only with the aforementioned song moved to side 3, and "Junior's Farm" tacked on the end, and side 4 is your second side minus the song I moved to side 1 and with "Dark Horse" moved to end side 3. Side 2 is "Call Me", "Here We Go Again", "Tired of Midnight Blue", "Ding Dong, Ding Dong", and "Spirits of Ancient Egypt". (at this point, all you're missing is "Grey Cloudy Lies" right before "Dark Horse")

    I think a couple of your changes to these actually added overlap. I may change how I handled that, since you made Living in the Material World even more social commentary-tastic. I was already a bit trepidatious about that one, since I had to take off the title track. I may restore that one and put "The Art of Dying" in the other album, since it's no longer here.

    Again, thank you for the thought experiment! It's a great way to listen to the Beatles solo material.

  14. Great to have upgrades of these, although I'm still wondering why you didn't include 'Gimme Some Truth' on the 1971 collection. George's guitar playing makes it the most Beatle-esque track John recorded during this period.

  15. Thank you for switching Mega, after Zippy blocked the UK I only had the clowns circus of Brexit for entertainment. I'm now catching up with your posts since April. Bless you for the consideration and effort you put into the blog and your work.

  16. Thanks Sonic for the upgrades. Always interesting to have another perspective on this game. I think I found it gets harder to make a cohesive Beatles album after 1973. Their styles diverged so much after that. I was never 100% happy with my 1975 construction and I'm still unsure if it's needed but my 1970 and '73 albums still get regular listening. For 1980 I made a Lennon and McCartney album out of Milk and Honey and McCartney II, no George or Ringo. Thanks again.

  17. For the benefit of Mr. Kite (oops, wrong era LOL) or anyone else having problems downloading from the main source, or these albums have been knocked off via copyright strike (again), here are my Google Drive links where I'm hosting them for the time being:

    MP3 -

    FLAC -

    You're Welcome :)

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    2. New Google Drive links, MEgaNZ is giving me trouble, so putting them back to where they once belonged LOL, again as above if there are problems downloading or if they get knocked off by copyright strike:



  18. Hello friend, I must inform that the archives are not complete, at least in the MP3 link.
    Thanks anyway for the good idea,


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. FLAC appears to be complete, anyone else having any issues, please contact me at so I can correct any problems.

  19. Okay, don't know how that happened, but re-uploading the mp3s of Good Night Vienna and Skywriting By Word Of Mouth, thanks for the heads-up. :)

  20. The 'Skywriting' album works really well, although I couldn't help feeling there was a more obvious way to crossfade the first two songs. Here is my own attempt (available for one week):

    1. Yep, I attempted that at one point. But I decided I missed the ending of Starting Over and that without it, there's no resolve to the song, which is kind of the opposite of what the song is about.

    2. You're right about that. I've now tried tacking the ending of Starting Over straight after the fade out of Take It Away and it works quite nicely as a brief reprise to conclude the John/Paul mini suite that opens the album, paving the way for George's first contribution.

  21. Have you ever considered "Ramble On Rose" (or Rambling Rose) from Grateful Dead's follow-up to American Beauty?

  22. I just saw a post on reddit or somewhere about your albums earlier today. This is seriously so cool. I love the albums, the mixes and the transitions are so great. Amazing job!!

  23. I found this, and PEARL JAM "Definitive Live" this week... great times we live in!

  24. "Ballroom Dancing" is a real clinker.

  25. In August I asked for new links to the 1970 Albums and now they are all here plus a bonus album.
    Thank you very much!

  26. I have a request of "Boss'n Up" OST. Its a mixture of soul, funk and hip hop. 50% of it would be made of Snoop Doggs "Rhythm & Gangsta The Masterpiece" album. There was never a real soundtrack issued. I have always desired this (in lossless specifically.) Would you put together The "Full 40 track" Boss'n Up Soundtrack please!!!!

  27. Hey man, I don't know if you're reading these anymore, but I'd like to come into contact with you about something relating to your blog and others like them. Please email me at

    1. You will have to reach out to me. My screenname +

  28. Have you ever taken a stab at combining Load and Reload into a single disc?

  29. What happened to the Grateful Dead album you had posted on Halloween? I can't see it anymore. Have you taken it down or is this some malfunction of my computer's?

    1. I took it down because I want to make some changes to it. I'll put it back up hopefully this weekend.

    2. I am expanding my nine-song tracklist to include all twelve songs, split up as a double album.

    3. Glad to hear that. Thank you!

  30. Love love love it... would love to read one of your full length rundowns on your choices for Skywriting... I've been playing with a 'Double Fantasy' style project from the same period but have technical limitations for my 'What if' projects (I mostly just do playlists instead of trying any actual mixing...

    Ever consider trying a 1998 Beatles 'reunion' full length around the Free as a bird/real love stuff?
    My playlist attempt is here:

    I used the (admittedly far-fetched) premise that Jeff Lynne was incorporated as a interim member for the project and tried using only tunes with participation for three out of four of the Threetles + Jeff Lynne combo as the rule for inclusion... With that premise there's actually a fair amount of material to draw from...

    1. Not much to tell, really... Obviously, the core is the Double Fantasy/Milk & Honey sessions (like the previous 70s Beatles albums) that seemed, imo, what would have been recorded by The Beatles. That was then paired with the Tug of War tracks that were either recorded or at least demoed *before* John was killed on December 8th, 1980. And again, choosing songs that imo could have been recorded by The Beatles. Then simply juggling the John and Paul songs from the two sources that would compliment eachother. I specifically wanted "Tug Of War" to crossfade into "Nobody Told Me", probably my two favorites of this era. That was something I was gunning for all along. Othe complimentary sogns I paired togather would be "Just Like Starting Over" and "Take It Away", and "The Pound is Sinking" and "I'm Losing You". I also already knew how the sides would begin and end, so it was a matter of filling in the tracks, the meat in the bread so to speak.

      As for the George songs, I had several in consideration, but ultimately decided upon "Dream Away" because it was apparently recorded the day before John was shot (and it was a personal favorite of mine, with Time Bandits being one of my all time favorite films) and "All Those Years Ago" since the backing track was recorded before John was killed, and it featured Paul and Ringo. There were a few other George songs in consideration but ultimately the two I chose I felt were of a caliber, quality wise, that could compete with John and Paul's songs--which was how it always was with The Beatles, right?

      Ringo's song was nearly "Wrack My Brain" since it featured Paul, but honestly, it's a pretty weak track. I thought an edited version of "Can't Fight Lightning" was a better fit on this (since it, too, featured Paul) as sort of a theoretical Beatles jam session to wind the album down. I'd rather have kindofa fun jam instead of a song that was just straight up bad.

      And then the trick is to sequence these tracks cohesively. A lot of the crossfades I already had in mind, specifically how side B is constructed. A lucky accident was the opening coin sound effects on "The Pound Is Sinking" miraculously matched notes of the closing synth melody in "All Those Years Ago", so I just literally moved the coins to overlap and sync with it.

  31. Awesome, thanks! Here are three other fun ones I played with:

    Carnival of Light -- (in a similar spirit to your 'Doll's House') it's my 'what if the Beatles had to finish one last album in 1970 to fulfill a contract and gave the bosses the finger..

    Dirty Mac Live 1969 --

    Here Come the Sons -- 'Too Hard' (Dhani, James, Sean)

    Here's a page with all my 'what ifs' and the stories including my full Ladders discography (John, George, Ringo, Klaus and Harry Nilsson):

    And lastly have you ever tried Hearts and Bones? (Simon and Garfunkel) Not because it should have, but because it could have?

  32. Hi,
    I've really enjoyed your recreations and I originally downloaded them in MP3 way back when and now have the sonically superior FLAC upgrades that you did recently. When I first got hold of your recreations I made up some rear cover & label artwork (to go with the front cover artwork you already supplied). Turns out I still have them stored on my computer (after I'd printed them off to make mini LP sleeves for my CD-R's) and was wondering if you'd like copies e-mailing to you? They have the old tracklistings on them (not the Oct.'19 upgrade alterations) but you could always mess around with it and alter them accordingly if you wanted. Anyway, keep up the great work!

  33. This blog is too big. You're a genious, there's no doubt about it. I love your work. Rock on!

  34. Why there's no Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five ?

  35. Seeing your incredible effort and how you created a very believable narrative with albums that really do flow together, I found myself wondering how you would do with a project to create a 'what if' Rolling Stones album based around the individual members solo efforts during their tumultuous times of the 80's. Their albums released as a band during this time were essentially solo efforts in some part anyway just tossed together.

  36. fantastic stuff . thank you for your efforts

  37. Love your choices here dude! I did a similar project (before I found this) for a late 1970 release and its sooooo close to your selections. Agree on most of your points, I even had "Momma Miss America" split in 2 to end side 1 and start side 2.

    I would be keen to hear why you left out "Wha-Wha" from your choices? I had it as a non-album A side single release. I know you've previously said you cant have em' all, but this seems like the only obvious omission (apart from the Lennon therapy tracks).

    1. Wah-Wah was originally meant for Imagine Clouds Dripping, and that was on my old cut of it. But then it got dropped when I restructured it for my revision.

  38. No Yoko tracks? Greenfield Morning I Pushed An Empty Baby Carriage Around The City is basically a Beatles track with Yoko singing, as it has George on sitar (looped), John on guitar, Ringo on drums, and Klaus Voorman on bass.

    1. I'll save that for a John & Yoko Plastic Ono Band double album

    2. Just a re-imagining I was working on, trying to make a Plastic Ono Band double album which alternates between John and Yoko's material. Still ironing out the tracklist....

    3. Why no Listen to What The Man Said on Good Night Vienna? Not Beatlesy enough?

    4. imo It did not fit, thematically nor physically.

  39. empty3


  40. Hey Sonic, got another idea for you: what if the greatest artists of the world would have sent in their songs for a memorial album to be released in December 1985, to mark the 5th year anniversary of John Lennon's murder. I have a list of at least 26 tracks that I know of, that deal with the loss of John. There might be even more. It could even have been a double album, but for sure a brilliant single LP.
    Again thank you for considering.

  41. This looks awesome! I'm curious if the recently released Gimme Some Truth boxset will influence an upgrade of this?

    1. Yes and no. I won't be upgrading *this*, but fairly soon there'll be new reconstructions related to this.

  42. this is wonderful fun! thank you so much! i shared with my family and everyone agrees that the albums are actually pretty good re-imagined! i hope you don't mind, you inspired me to reimaginethe album covers based on your commentary; I've shared them here:

    Thanks for all your wonderful hard work!!


  44. Hello soniclovenoize, can you please give a ReUp for this great Beatles alben.That would be great!!!Thanks Greetings Tom

    1. Slacks:

      Empty Trees:

      Those links are for this original posting; I'm also hosting this same set with the Instant Karma! and Imagine Clouds Dripping upgrades SLN posted after this was posted. If you want that set instead, let me know at punx5570@geemale.kom ;)

  45. I'm old and can't figure this out. Sounds like these would be great, but I have no idea how to get them. And frederick isn't on this to give a google drive link, Darn

    1. On my site, I use the album cover as a link to get the songs, but here, I've clicked everything

    2. Sorry I was late, i guess I didn't get the notification at the time...I was just going to post the upgraded set link when I saw this.

      I finally decided to recollate the set because of those two upgrades, to make the 'box set' proper LOL

      Also, as I've told Sonic, I hope to one day own a hole-in-the-wall dive-ish bar where the jukebox will have a third of which will consist of SLN albums, like these Beatle albums for example LOL