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The Who - Who's Lily

 The Who – Who’s Lily
(soniclovenoize reconstruction)

Side A:
1.  Armenia City in The Sky
2.  Mary Anne with The Shaky Hand
3.  Pictures of Lily
4.  In The Hall of The Mountain King
5.  Our Love Was
6.  I Can See For Miles

Side B:
7.  I Can’t Reach You
8.  Silas Stingy
9.  Glittering Girl
10.  Tattoo
11.  Relax
12.  Rael (1 and 2)

Continuing my on-going series of Who albums that never were, this is a reconstruction of the unreleased 1967 album Who’s Lily.  Standing as the working title of their follow-up to A Quick One—or Jigsaw Puzzle in my continuity—the album was revised from a loose collection of songs into a conceptual framework that mimicked a pirate radio broadcast and released as their seminal album The Who Sell Out.  This reconstruction attempts to reproduce what the original incarnation of the album could have sounded like, before the Sell Out concept.  Some new edits were created and several tracks crossfaded for continuity.   The album is again presented all in mono—as all early The Who should!—and uses the best possible masters for each track. 

As London entered 1967 and became a lot more swingin', The Who found themselves in a rapidly changing music scene.  Contemporaries Cream and The Jimi Hendrix Experience were laying the ground for a more wild sound and The Who’s mod image was beginning to seem outdated.  To keep up with their competition, The Who returned to IBC studios in early April to cut a handful of songs for a new single: “Glittering Girl”, “Doctor Doctor” and “Pictures of Lily”, the later being an exquisite specimen of power pop, concerning masturbation.  The song was just what The Who needed and shot up the charts, establishing The Who as a force that once again could be reckoned with in this upcoming year of musical change.  In keeping up with these tides, the band planned to follow the single with a purely instrumental EP and even recorded a duo of songs for it—the bass-driven “Sodding About” and a crazed rendition of Edvard Greig’s “In The Hall of the Mountain King” from Peer Gynt.  Although the duo of songs seemed to anticipate and embrace the forthcoming psychedelia craze, the results were less than satisfactory and the instrumentals were set aside, the EP concept scrapped.  The Who would have to go back to what they did best: writing great pop songs and performing them with gusto.

In May the band returned to the studio to cut a slew of new songs for their forthcoming third album, built around the previous month’s success of “Pictures of Lily”, making the album’s provisional title Who’s Lily.  Much had been learned from splitting the songwriting duties on A Quick One, and all Who members once again contributed original material: Daltrey offered “Early Morning: Cold Taxi”; Moon offered “Girl’s Eyes”; Entwhistle offered “Someone’s Coming”; Pete offered what he thought was his magnum opus, “I Can See For Miles”; and finally “Armenia City in the Sky”, a song written by Pete’s driver Speedy Keen (of Thunderclap Newman) which fully captured the current psychedelic era.   With half an album started, The Who turned their eyes across the Atlantic for a handful of shows in New York and a spot in the famous Montery Pop Festival, co-headlining with The Who’s chief British competition: The Jimi Hendrix Experience.  Briefly returning home to De Lane Lea Studios in July, The Who cut the basics for two more Who’s Lily tracks, “I Can’t Reach You” and “Relax”.  They immediately left for a three-month tour of North America with Herman’s Hermits and additional work on Who’s Lily would have to be done on the road, across the ocean.

The Who's seafaring seemed to be an influence on the new album, as Townshend unearthed a rock opera he had been composing since the beginning of the year, concerning a soldier from the fictional country of Rael who travels across the sea to battle the invading Chinese.  In an attempt to finish Who’s Lily for its proposed summer release, Townshend whittled his rock opera down from 30 minutes into a 10 minute opus; it was further whittled down as much as possible for consideration as a single!  “Rael” was recorded at Mirasound Studios in New York with Bob Dylan’s keyboardist Al Kooper, but it’s 6-minute run time excluded it from a single release and "Rael" was tossed into the batch of other album-contenders.  Two more songs were recorded at Mirasound with further August recording at Columbia Studios in Nashville for the single that “Rael” could not occupy: a balled called “Our Love Was” and another power-pop song about masturbation, “Mary Anne with The Shaky Hand”, the later released as a single in the US.  After more work was done at Columbia Studios to complete the unfinished tracks recorded throughout the year, as well as a September session at Goldstar in LA to complete “I Can See For Miles”, a total of ten album contenders were to be paired with “Pictures of Lily” (and possibly it’s b-side “Doctor Doctor” or session outtake “Glittering Girl”).  This was most certainly the Who’s Lily album, but was it the best album The Who could muster in this changing musical climate?  Was it a good idea to build an album around a straight-ahead power-pop song midst the increasingly colorful Summer of Love?  The Who gave pause to Who’s Lily and they would have to come up with the album’s selling point.    

Throughout 1967, The Who recorded various commercial jingles, including adverts for Coke in April and Great Shakes in May.  Perhaps the success of these adverts inspired The Who to use it as a framework for a redesigned Who’s Lily.  Upon returning home in October, The Who hit the studio and cut a number of ridiculous faux commercial jingles: “Medac”, “Top Gear”, “Heinz Baked Beans” and “Odorono”.  These jingles would be interspersed throughout the proper Who songs on their upcoming album, designed to replicate a pirate radio broadcast.  This sudden burst of inspiration fueled the band to pump out several more proper Who songs to trump the weaker material recorded earlier in the year: Entwhistle’s creepy character-study “Silas Stingy”; Townshend’s paced classic “Tattoo” and the atmospheric acoustic ballad “Sunrise”; updated versions of “Glittering Girl” (now with a stronger rhythm and Roger’s vocal), “Mary Anne with The Snaky Hand” (now acoustically laid-back) and “Rael” (now more typically power-pop but lacking the psychedelic majesty of the New York version).  Choosing the original “Rael” over the new version (although the final minute was edited off due to time limitations of the LP), several more jingles were cut—"Jaguar", “Premiere Drums”, “Rotosound String”, “John Mason Cars”, “Bag O’ Nails”, “Charles Atlas” and “Track Records”—and Sell Out was completed.  Released in December, it was a critical and commercial success, being one of the most obvious and intentional rock concept albums, one which pushed into the borders of pop-art.  But is there a way we can hear the original commercial-free version?

For this reconstruction of Who’s Lily we will (mostly) stick to the batch of songs prepared up until the end of the American tour, as that seems to be the point where Who’s Lily became Sell Out.  We will also exclusively keep the album in mono for two reasons: 1) a stereo “Pictures of Lily” does not exist and 2) early The Who simply sounds better in mono!  Side A of my reconstruction begins with “Armenia City in The Sky”, taken from the 2014 HD Tracks remaster of Sell Out, the most pristine source of its original mono mix.  Following is the original US single mono mix of “Mary Anne with The Shaky Hand”, a bonus track from the aforementioned HDTracks remaster.  The pseudo-title-track follows, “Pictures of Lily” taken from its currently best source, The Who Hits 50.  In a nod to the band’s brief initial concept of an instrumental EP, I have included a mono fold of “In The Hall of the Mountain King” from the 2006 Sell Out Deluxe; although admittedly this track probably would not have been featured on Who’s Lily, it serves as an interesting diversion and fits the psychedelic theme of the album.  Following is “Our Love Was”, using the much cleaner-sounding alternate mono mix found on the 2009 Sell Out remaster, and closing with the song that is essential to be heard in mono: “I Can See For Miles” from the 2014 HDTracks remaster but with the first few bars from the early mono mix (from the 2009 Sell Out) edited in to create a clean introduction. 

Side B starts appropriately with the 2014 mono remaster of “I Can’t Reach You”, but next I admit to making a grave anachronistic error:  I used three of the tracks recorded in October, when the album was undoubtedly Sell Out and would not have been on Who’s Lily.  But in an effort to 1) not let this reconstruction overlap with my previous reconstruction of Who’s For Tennis and 2) make this reconstruction a better album and fuller listening experience, I chose to include them (please forgive me!).  “Silas Stingy” from the 2014 HDTracks mono remaster is next, followed by the exquisite October remake of “Glittering Girl”, here a mono fold of the stereo mix from the 2009 Sell Out.  A personal favorite, I don’t think I could have done away with “Tattoo”, here taken from the 2014 HDTracks mono remaster.  The droning psyche-rock of “Relax” follows, also taken from the 2014 mono remaster, with the album concluding with the cleaner-sounding early mono mix of “Rael” found on the 2009 remaster, with its actual part 2 tagged onto the end as the song was meant to be heard in its full six-and-a-half minute glory.  Who's Lily's final touch is the psychedelic cover art by Mark Heggen, taken from the poster included with the original copies of Sell Out--truly a picture of Lily!  

Sources used:
Sell Out (1995 Polydor remaster)
Sell Out (2009 Polydor Deluxe Edition)
Sell Out (2014 HDTracks mono remaster)
The Who Hits 50! (2014 Geffin Records)

flac --> wav --> editing in SONAR and Goldwave --> flac encoding via TLH lv8
* md5 files, track notes and artwork included


  1. Thanks always for the extreme effort it takes to keep up with your work. In a new age of copyright, surely your endeavours will be enshrined alongside the bitterly contested versions of all these albums we care so much about. In a better world, we could all listen to these songs without wondering what kind of clout these very young dreamers could have held in their day if they weren't inventing it all with such shortsighted financial constrictions. Imagine how unlimited magnetic tape could affect studio time restrictions for the minor leaguers and how lucky we are to have the music we love, while dreaming for more. I can't complain one bit for your stimulating versions, my own faves come mostly from what I first heard, no matter how badly or scratchy they sound, our life changing old records are a part of who we are, always. Thanks

  2. BTW, my uncle has a treasured copy of "Sell Out", not in mono, tho!

  3. Hi,
    Your special Who albums are always very documented and interesting for Who addicted blogrollers. Thanks a lot and please let continue the game. Thanks again

  4. The albums and stories behind them are, as always, first rate. Thanks so much.

  5. Wow...another great effort. Notes are fascinating. This makes me wonder: has the Rael opera ever been reconctructed? And do enough pieces exist?

    1. I haven't seen it. Only the 10-minute demo of "Rael", and then another song from the opera called "That Motherland Feeling". The lyrics for a third song called "Party Piece" were printed in a magazine in 1968.

    2. Oh, that's interesting. Didn't know "Motherland Feeling" was related. I'll have to try a hand at editing that in there somewhere. Any idea around what section it would have been placed?

    3. Funnily enough, just this week I've been working on an extended version of 'Rael' myself.

      Using various components like Pete's demo, the 'remake' version from the deluxe edition, 'Sparks' and 'Underture' from 'Tommy', 'Rael Naive', etc, I've put together a first attempt which clocks in at over 20 minutes, but probably needs a bit of tightening up.

      I have to admit that it probably bears little resemblance to Pete's original vision for the piece but is an avenue worth exploring IMHO.

      I didn't use 'That Motherland Feeling' as part of the piece, but that's going to be the last track one side one of a 'what if' album I'm working on (with the long 'Rael' taking up all of side two, natch).

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  6. You are literally the man. You always do an amazing job and your releases are always amazing quality. Its awesome to download the album and then read your detailed background while listening. Cheers, mate! Keep up the amazing work! Would you be interested in doing a KISS release? After KISS Alive II was released in 1977, no new KISS album followed in 1978. With the band fracturing during the making of the ill-advised "KISS Meet's The Phantom", it was decided that in an effort to keep the group together, each member would record his own solo album. There is much debate over what would have been on the 1978 album that never happened and I would love to see what you could come up with. I'm sure it'd be excellent.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  7. Perfect. Fantastic reconstruction. I've been waiting for this one. The re-imagining of the next-to-original Rael, a particular favorite. I concur with Mr. Heggen, it'd be quite rewarding to hear the original 30-minute version.

  8. Another awesome entry! Thanks!

    My version of this stuff is basically what I consider the strongest tracks recorded after "A Quick One" and before "Tommy"

    It's not anything special compared to your historically accurate reconstructions, but I prefer it to "Sell Out" and "Magic Bus"

  9. Wasn't "Do the Strip" done for this LP? The only version my uncle has is a 70s boot that is the most atrocious thing I ever want to hear. If it had been a Carnaby St dance craze I would've put on me Go-Go boots and danced in a birdcage for Jimi!

  10. Thanks for the great work! Always a pleasure reading/listening these. So is the next one Lifehouse-redux or are we treated with the famous Naked Eye album-that-never-was?

    1. Well, some people were requesting Fillmore East 1968, so...

    2. Gotta say, editing the Fillmore East boot down to a single LP seems like a waste of effort to me. It's essential material throughout, so why cut it down?

      There is one lost Who 'live' album worth compiling though, which is the material from the 1969 US tour that was compiled to acetate at IBC in January 1970. This was subsequently rejected in favour of the Leeds recording of course.

      Judging from the content of the acetates, the tracklisting they were looking at was as follows:

      Side One:
      1) Heaven & Hell
      2) I Can't Explain
      3) Fortune Teller
      4) Tattoo
      5) Young Man Blues
      6) Summertime Blues

      Side Two:
      1) Shakin' All Over
      2) My Generation (medley)

      I put this together for myself from the 'Autumn Acetates' CD and it works great. I dubbed my version 'CracklieR Than You'll Ever Be!'

  11. Thank you so much. The quality of your work is unsurpassed! I would still like to hear your work on the final Small Faces unreleased 4th lp, 1862. Keep 'em coming!

    1. Yep, I already did it over Christmas! I'll upload my 1862 sometime in the future.

    2. I'll be intrigued to see what you did with this as I compiled my own version a year or so back, which turned out to be a favourite listen.

    3. Sydfloyd, what is the tracklist of your "1862" reconstruction?

    4. Hi Duff. Obviously there's no one definitive way to do it, but I did it like this:

      Side One:
      01. Wide Eyed Girl On the Wall
      02. Call It Something Nice
      03. Red Balloon
      04. The Universal
      05. Donkey Rides, A Penny A Glass
      06. Wham Bam Thank You Mam

      Side Two:
      07. Buttermilk Boy (Humble Pie)
      08. Evolution (Ronnie Lane – from ‘Who Came First’)
      09. Every Little Bit Hurts
      10. Wrist Job (Humble Pie)
      11. Collibosher
      12. The Autumn Stone

      The Humble Pie tracks fit in perfectly IMHO.

    5. A great tracklist indeed. I would only exchange "Evolution" by The Faces' "Stone", who fits better, IMO

    6. So, I updated your version of it, and created this:
      The Small Faces - 1862
      Side A
      1. Wide Eyed Girl On The Wall
      2. Call It Something Nice
      3. Red Baloon
      4. The Universal
      5. Wrist Job
      6. Wham Bam Thank You M'am
      Side B
      1. Buttermilk Boy
      2. Stone
      3. Every Little Bit Hurts
      4. Donkey Rides, A Penny, A Glass
      5. The Autumn Stone

      "Collbosher" would have been a Non-Album B-Side, possibly to an "Autumn Stone" single

    7. I just made my own version. The songs with better production are on side B, to help each side sound more consistent within itself:

      Side A
      1. Don't Burst My Bubble
      2. The Universal
      3. Every Little Bit Hurts
      4. Collibosher
      5. Call It Something Nice
      6. War of the Worlds
      Side B
      1. The Autumn Stone
      2. Wide Eyed Girl On The Wall
      3. Red Balloon
      4. Wham Bam Thank You Mam
      5. Donkey Rides, A Penny, A Glass

      As "Don't Burst My Bubble" fades out, the environmental noise from "The Universal" fades in, allowing the song to pick up where the previous one leaves off. As the last note finishes decaying, the piano kicks off "Every Little Bit Hurts". "Collibosher" comes and goes with no overlap, just timed to flow. Before "Call It Something Nice" finishes fading out, the drums segue into "War of the Worlds" to finish the side.
      "The Autumn Stone" opens the second side, with "Wide-Eyed Girl on the Wall" starting up as the final harmonica note dies down. As the song begins to fade out, it segues directly into "Red Balloon" "Wham Bam Thank You Mam"'s final drum hit coincides with "Donkey Rides, A Penny, A Glass"'s first downbeat.

    8. Would it be possible to post a link to your version of Who's Lily? I'd like to hear this.

    9. Do you mean 1862? Or was this meant for someone else?

    10. I'm sorry. I did mean 1862 and not Who's Lily. I'd like to hear your 1862.

    11. Hmm, I've never done anything like this before, so I'm not sure how to encode the .wav files as .flac, or where to upload them.

  12. Fantastic work as usual, Soniclovenoize. Looking forward for the rest of the Who Series

  13. Nice article, but I think a bit of a stretch. "Pictures Of Lily" was recorded in stereo, BTW...

    1. Where can I find a stereo mix of "Pictures of Lily"?

    2. As far as I'm aware it only exists in fake stereo (on 'Who's Better, Who's Best' if memory serves).

  14. Dear hey-past-let's-go,
    I would like to listen to the Pictures of Lily (I'm really shocked that it could be understood as an allusion to the sin you mentionned, good advices from beloved father during our teen age shouldn't be mocked !) Bowie cover with the "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere" pin-ups sound.
    Ha ha ! I think it is impossible, instruments can define their time area.
    Reading your notes, it's interresting to think how tours could have ended up albums the way they were previously figured.
    Not like the Zappa's fall who ended the 1971 tour and turned the artist into the jazz world for a while, but without any event, and with the flow of music styles crossing themselves.
    I liked the idea of the 45 rpm opera that Townshend could have done. They played it that way live (well, let's say the 12" maxi-single way). One could think that Quadrophenia will probably be better that way.
    The Zappa's album Apostrophy was reduced to a few minutes mix version by a radio guy who played it and it influenced the Mothers when they played it live.
    I wonder how The Wall could be that way, like a Residents music burrial in the Commercial album.
    The cover is nice too, but I will never see the in-a-gadda-da-vida lp the same way.

  15. I can't wait for the next one. I'd like to see a WHO album that never was, of the late 71-72 tracks as a WHOs Next follow up. & another using all 1965 Townshend originals, to pair with your outstanding covers R&B alternate first album. Maybe a redo my n Quick One using all the non LP singles

  16. "“Mary Anne with The Snaky Hand” (now acoustically laid-back)"
    Hahahaha, "Snaky?" One of the best typos I've seen in a while. Thanks. Also, thank you very much for the music. A favorite era of theirs for me. Truly appreciated.

  17. Hi! Did you ever saw my coment about the White Album? Please contact me on facebook (DImitri Bitu) or by e-mail ;)

  18. Well done! I guess many of us have created our own versions of 'Sell Out', even adding 'Lily', but this is definitely going one better. It sounds great. And the poster... I'd forgotten about that: just seeing it again reminded me of all the Who concerts I attended. Thank you very much.

  19. Any plans to reconstruct "Rock Is Dead, Long Live Rock" during your Who reimagining series????

    1. Yep, it's already done. I am going in chronological order though, every other month.

  20. I love your WHO reconstructions Sonic man.I kind of wish you make one that would give us an extra WHO album from non album tracks so we would have additional album. All the 68 tracks for example were never on a studio album. There was no 1968 studio album. But they cut enough songs for one. When you make Long Live Rock,why raid actual songs from Quadrophenia. Why not make an album out of Pure & Easy, Join Together Relay there's plenty of late 71-72 tracks that were never used on a studio album.

    OK I'm gonna give you an idea, please somebody do this. Turn John & Yoko Sometime in New York City album, into a lost John Lennon album, get rid of as much Yoko as possible. Lennon does 3 songs plus the non album single Happy Xmas. 2 outtakes God Save Oz & Do The Oz. Plus the Power To The People single, that's 7. Maybe you have to use 1 or 2 John& Yoko duets. On luck of the Irish she can be edited out.

    How about reworking Endless Wire & getting the 2 non album singles on there. Real Good Looking Boy & Old Red Wine. Plus the new song Be Lucky. Daltrey has a new version of Let My Love Open the door, that isfab, sounds like a new WHO track. Maybe it is,maybe Townshend is on it

    Thanks again for your work, great sounds artwork, great alternate albums

  21. I love your WHO reconstructions Sonic man.I kind of wish you make one that would give us an extra WHO album from non album tracks so we would have additional album. All the 68 tracks for example were never on a studio album. There was no 1968 studio album. But they cut enough songs for one. When you make Long Live Rock,why raid actual songs from Quadrophenia. Why not make an album out of Pure & Easy, Join Together Relay there's plenty of late 71-72 tracks that were never used on a studio album.

    OK I'm gonna give you an idea, please somebody do this. Turn John & Yoko Sometime in New York City album, into a lost John Lennon album, get rid of as much Yoko as possible. Lennon does 3 songs plus the non album single Happy Xmas. 2 outtakes God Save Oz & Do The Oz. Plus the Power To The People single, that's 7. Maybe you have to use 1 or 2 John& Yoko duets. On luck of the Irish she can be edited out.

    How about reworking Endless Wire & getting the 2 non album singles on there. Real Good Looking Boy & Old Red Wine. Plus the new song Be Lucky. Daltrey has a new version of Let My Love Open the door, that isfab, sounds like a new WHO track. Maybe it is,maybe Townshend is on it

    Thanks again for your work, great sounds artwork, great alternate albums

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  22. He did make a '68 Who album a while back:

  23. Yes he did but half the songs were unreleased songs from 67 not the 10-12 68 tracks, which never appeared on any studio album. I guess what I'm saying is this

    In 1965-68 there is enough recorded for 7 albums 2 each for 65-67, & 1 for 68. There is just about enough for a 1970 album, & there is enough for a 1972 album using nothing from Who's Next or Quadrophenia. For example

    1972 album
    1 Join Together
    2 Relay
    3 Let's See Action
    4 Time Is Passing
    5 Pure & Easy
    6 Put The Money Down
    7 When I Was A Boy
    8 Too Much Of Anything
    9 Long Live Rock

    1. Iv'e followed most of Pete's original acetate order but without tracks from Who's Next/Lifehouse (I used Naked Eye on my version) or Quadrophenia. A real lost Who classic!

      1- Relay
      2- Get Inside
      3- Riot In The Female Jail
      4- Water
      5- We Close Tonight

      6- Long Live Rock
      7- When I Was A Boy
      8- Put The Money Down
      9- Can't You See Im' Easy?
      10-Join Together With The Band

  24. Yes he did but half the songs were unreleased songs from 67 not the 10-12 68 tracks, which never appeared on any studio album. I guess what I'm saying is this

    In 1965-68 there is enough recorded for 7 albums 2 each for 65-67, & 1 for 68. There is just about enough for a 1970 album, & there is enough for a 1972 album using nothing from Who's Next or Quadrophenia. For example

    1972 album
    1 Join Together
    2 Relay
    3 Let's See Action
    4 Time Is Passing
    5 Pure & Easy
    6 Put The Money Down
    7 When I Was A Boy
    8 Too Much Of Anything
    9 Long Live Rock

  25. First off thank you so much for your hard work! It has introduced me to a lot of history I didnt know about some of my favourite records! I know that there are many great requests in the comments for all of these but I have yet to see one for the sadly doomed Badfinger album "Headfirst". Although maybe thats a good thing, as it wouldnt be easy to do. Anyway I would really love a badfinger reconstruction!

    1. Headfirst has been commercially released a few years back. The rejected 2nd lp can be reconstructed if you have the various Badfinger reissues with the bonus tracks.

  26. This wouldn't qualify as an almost-official release for ya, Sonic. But I thought I'd share for shite's sake. An additional double-album of outtakes for Van Morrison's fruitful year of our lord, 1970.

    '70 Caledonia Soul

    1. Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out (Moondance Deluxe)
    2. You Set My Soul On Fire (Genuine Philosopher's Stone)
    3. Standing On A Corner (GPS)
    4. Hey Where Are You? (No Stone Unturned)
    5. Really Don't Know (The Philosopher's Stone)
    6. I Shall Sing [Mono Mix] (Moondance Deluxe)
    7. I've Been Working [Take 3] (Moondance Deluxe) 10:25
    8. Bit By Bit (GPS)
    9. Bayou Girl (GPS)
    10. I Need Your Kind Of Loving (NSU)
    11. Caledonia Soul Music (Van The Man boot) 18:10

  27. This is great! Think you could do Neil Young's Homegrown??

    1. If one is to believe the stories, the tunes targeted for that release have never seen the light of day. That album is slated to be released on "Archives Vol. 2", if Neil ever gets around to it, along with Chrome Dreams and one other I forget the title of.

    2. While that is true, there are 10 Homegrown songs in which vintage versions are out there. Coincidentally, they also say the album would have had ten songs...

      So one could recreate a Homegrown with those tracks (whihc I have). Would that be worth uploading?

    3. I would vote yes. I believe many an other would, as well. I have 9 tracks compiled, not sure what the 10th is.. so yes.

    4. will you be posting it ( please ! )

  28. I'm a huge fan of this site and a majority of soniclovenoize's reconstructions... this is the sorta shit I do myself when I get home from work, roll a joint, pour myself a drink, and arrange playlists on my iTunes.

    As a fanatical Who fan from childhood, I must say that my favorites would be...
    Who's For Tennis?, Lifehouse (I'm looking forward to the eventual upgrade as mentioned in the comments somewhere on the site), and Who's Lily.

    Soniclovenoize's interpretation of "Who's Lily" is good and I appreciate the mono setting but the sequence didn't really jive with me and I wanted to have a few more tunes from the '67 period. I have previously reconstructed a 1967 Who release and I encourage you to add the additional tunes in the following sequence in combination with soniclovenoize's reconstruction and take a listen to the definitive Lily ...

    1) Armenia City In The Sky
    2) Mary Anne With The Shaky Hands
    3) Someone's Coming
    4) Pictures Of Lily
    5) Early Morning Cold Taxi
    6) In The Hall Of The Mountain King
    7) Silas Stingy
    8) Tattoo
    9) Glittering Girl
    10) Girl's Eyes
    11) Our Love Was
    12) I Can See For Miles
    13) I Can't Reach You
    14) Relax
    15) Rael (1 and 2)

    Keep up the great work, Soniclovenoize! I look forward to your posts more than official releases! Thanks from all the cats!

  29. Hi, do you think you could create an Olivia Tremor Control EP using live tracks

    1. Oh ho! A man after my own heart!

      Do you post on The Townhall? A few years back I promised I would make a live compilation of the best versions of every song they've played live. I'll have to actually do that sometime, thanks for reminding me. It wouldn't be featured here on my blog, but I'd post it on the Townhall, possibly the Favebook E6 Enthusiasts Group.

      Good idea though.

    2. What's this Townhall thang? A similar avenue?

    3. Maybe using 'The Pressure' from the Orange Twin show in 2005 as a closer?

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Hey sonic! That latest Who mix is really nice (though I prefer just a bit Sell Out for the fake ads). I just wanted to share this:

    The Who's shelved album from 1972. I used the acetate order from Pete Townshend's demos but switched the Quadrophenia tracks with some b-sides and outtakes from the 1970-72 era. This is not what the original 1972 concept was but instead something akind to Who's Next (unconnected songs). Kudos to Jon Hunt for the front cover art!

    Side A (18:31)

    1. The Relay
    2. Get Inside
    3. Water
    4. Women's Liberation (Aka Riot In The Female Jail)
    5. Waspman

    Side B (19:08)

    1. Long Live Rock
    2. When I Was A Boy
    3. Put The Money Down
    4. Can't You See Im' Easy?
    5. Join Together In The Band

    1. Hey glarb... nice one! Great art! any chance of a DL link?
      or at least the source for each track? ;)

    2. I put together my own alternate Sell Out! tracklisting with the remaining songs recorded at the time. (And some older ones; it works with the radio station premise)

      Side 1:

      1 - Sodding About
      2 - Heinz Baked Beans [with "More Music" Jingle]
      3 - Disguises
      4 - Summertime Blues
      5 - Medac
      6 - In the Hall of the Mountain King
      7 - Premier Drums
      8 - So Sad About Us
      9 - Top Gear

      Side 2:
      1 - Young Man Blues
      2 - Things Go Better With Coke
      3 - Sunrise
      4 - Odorono [with "Smooth Sailing" Jingle]
      5 - My Way
      6 - Heaven and Hell
      7 - Jaguar [with "Extra Wonderful" Jingle]
      8 - Someone's Coming [with "Weather Word" Jingle]

      I think having the message of youth disenfranchisement in both "Summertime Blues" and "Young Man Blues" immediately undercut by advertisements really works with the premise of the album.

    3. I'll wait until Sonic posts the re-vamped Lifehouse to see what's leftover to use in Rock Is Dead.

  32. Thank you Sonic, another wonderfully constructed album. It is appreciated, the effort you obviously put into this site. Great cover on this one too.

  33. I've been toying with an idea where Syd Barrett leaves Pink Floyd in the middle of the Piper at the Gates of Dawn sessions - for self-preservation's sake, quits drugs and moves back to Cambridge to resume his painting career.
    Fast-forward a year, and inspired by hearing the first Tyrannosaurus Rex album, he makes an approach to Marc Bolan and Steve Took to join their band.

    Basically, combining the best of Barrett's solo albums with Tyrannosaurus Rex/T-Rex circa 1968-1970 (as they started moving away from folk, into rock).

  34. Always look forward to these releases. Are we getting close to the next one? Hope so.

  35. thank you for your job.

    what next ? Brian Wislon and Al Jardine's albums as a new Beach Boys album ?
    Noel Gallagher and Beady Eye as an Oasis Album ?

    more Beach Boys ? Carl and Dennis Wilson together ?

    1. always up for some Beach Boys.....

    2. What it comes to Oasis album... Noel had an AMA on Reddit last year and he was asked which songs would have been on the follow-up of DOYS. This is what he replied:

      "Okay. It would've been half of my first solo record, so "Record Machine" would've probably been on it... "Stop the Clocks" would've probably been on it, and "Dream On" and maybe "Stranded on the Wrong Beach" and then the rest of the guys would've put on some of their own songs."

      Noel actually had started demoing the new songs at the end of the DOYS recording sessions. I can't find the interview at this very moment but he mentioned playing toy drums in those sessions... those songs can be found on Faster than the Speed of Magic demo CD. IIRC the songs were pretty much those Noel mentioned. The Good Rebel and Freaky Teeth are leftovers from Heathen Chemistry days... Everybody's on the Run and If I had a Gun were written during the DOYS tour so they are potential songs for the album. After all NG had them on his debut. What A Life! was described by Noel as a song that Oasis couldn't have ever put out so that's what we can quite easily leave out. Come On Outside and Record Machine had been planned to be released on DOYS (they even had the choir recorded on them!) but didn't end up on the album. It's possible that COO would have ended up on the DOYS' follower.

      From Beady Eye's debut much of the stuff was written during the Oasis days. The Roller was first demoed in the Heathen Chemistry sessions and before DOYS sessions began Andy had given Noel a tape of his songs including Millionaire, Four Letter Word and The Beat Goes on IIRC... and Noel eventually chose Nature of Reality, which Andy hadn't wanted originally to appear on the album! Gem's Standing on the Edge of the Noise was very likely to have been around during the DOYS sessions as the rehearsal gig that was broadcast before the start of the tour was given the song's name. From Liam's efforts I'd imagine For Anyone and Beatles & Stones being potential album tracks as they remind Liam's earlier contributions for Oasis (Songbird and Ain't Got Nothing, anyone?). Wigwam and The Morning Son had also been around for some years before Different Gear, Still Speeding. Man of Misery was a demo used for Pretty Green commercial and re-recorded for Beady Eye B-side but I highly doubt Noel would've allowed it to be anywhere near the album given his not-too-good feelings on Pretty Green in general. Everyone's Beady Eye favourites World Outside My Room and In a Bubble with a Bullet were not written before the guys hit the road so they're out I'm afraid.

      But personally it's not the tracklisting that's the main problem, but the fact that the two debut albums were produced very differently. When doing the reconstruction one can really hear that it's not a coherent whole but a playlist of songs from different sessions and albums. I think that Noel would've wanted the band to stick out with Dave Sardy for the DOYS follow-up and he surely would have had his hands on the tracklisting, too. But if you take a look on the HC, DBTT and DOYS tracklistings you'll notice that they follow the same pattern: 11 tracks, 6 of Noel's (5 on DBTT), 3 Liam's, 1 from both Andy & Gem (2 from Andy on DBTT).

      So you do the math from all of the above. I'd go for something like this (from the top of my head):

      Everybody's on the Run
      Four Letter Word
      Dream On
      For Anyone
      The Roller
      Come on Outside
      Beatles & Stones
      Record Machine
      Stranded on the Wrong Beach
      Stop the Clocks

  36. Love your stuff,

    Been a lurker on the E6 townhall and this site for a while. Personally, I got really into bootlegs/demos from all E6 bands, beach boys, Weezer, the Who, etc. One thing that is kind of happening in real time (that may or may not be for the audience of this site) is the scrapped album So Help Me God from Kanye West. Lyrical content aside, the production on the demo's would be enough of a justification of putting together a scrapped album version.

    Btw, if you do end up doing that OTC EP let me know... wasn't there supposed to be a new OTC album in the works right before Bill Doss died? Any tracks leak from that?

    1. Yep, the album was to be called The Same Place, a double-album like the other two. It's lacking "finishing touches" and a final track sequence, but everything else is done (including all of Bill's vocals before he passed away). After he died, the band didn't have the heart to go back and finish it, so they focused on Circulatory System instead and put out Mosaics Within Mosaics (a GREAT album, if you haven't heard it!).

      The only song that's leaked is the title track, in which John played it on a podcast. I uploaded it on youtube. (not to be confused with the old Circulatory System outtake of the same name, which OTC used as the basis for the new version). They also were playing a second new song live on what became their final tour, "The Spinning Continuous" (which was also an old Circulatory System song).

      John has mentioned some of the songs on the new album are: The Spinning Continuous, The Same Place, Begin Now, Impressions Through The Ring, Path of the Parallels, Come Away (all Will songs/old Circulatory System songs that became OTC songs for the album); and Advice From The Oceans, Same Old Place, Fossil Faun, Garden of Light, Halfway Down, Spaceship Universe (all Bill Songs).

      That's all I know! Maybe someday we will hear it! Judging by the title track that was leaked, it'll be fantastic!

    2. Hey there Soniclovenoize, you mention having the file of the Olivia Tremor Control version of The Same Place track? It's since been made unavailable, the only version online being the Circulatory System version. Do you perchance still have the file? I'd love to give it a listen and post or to youtube if possible. I'm always looking for OTC rarities, if you have any others, I'd love if you could make them available for download. Please do get back to me at onlineemail8383@gmail! Thanks!

  37. Ever heard of The Rockfield Sessions by The Flamin' Groovies? It would have been an album between Teenage Head and Shake Some Action. A different mix of the title track and "You Tore Me Down" made it onto the album but the rest were scrapped. There's only 7 tracks I'm aware of but there may be more out there. I know you have your ways.

  38. You could also do a "second" Dave Grohl solo album a la "Late!" with all the songs written from 1990 - 1994 before the dissolution of Nirvana/ Start of Foo Fighters. What that means is that no songs that are known to have been written post-nirvana (This Is A Call, Oh George, etc..) are not included.

    I also added 2 tracks onto the first Late! album (that were recently unearthed/released in better form online) - here is that track list (again in Chronological recording order) :

    friend of a friend (late!)
    Marigold (late!)
    Throwing Needles (late!)
    Pokey The Little Puppy (late!)
    Skeeter Thompson (late!)
    Hooker (Sonic Highways Broadcast)
    Petrol CB (late!)
    Hells Garden (late!)
    Winnebago (late!)
    Bruce (late!)
    Milk (late!)
    Alone+Easy Target (Songs From The Laundry Room)

    I've done it (albeit in Chronological recording order where possible) and my track list looks like this:

    Floaty ('1992/1993 demos’)
    Empty Handed (Songs from the Laundry Room)
    Mountain Of You '1992/1993 demos'.
    Exhausted (Self Pollution Radio Bootleg)
    Good Grief '1992/1993 demos'.
    Podunk (Big Me Single)
    How I Miss You (I’ll Stick Around single)
    Butterflies (demo)
    Weenie Beenie (1992/1993 demos)
    For All The Cows (Foo Fighters LP)
    February Stars (Colour & The Shape)
    Big Me (Songs From the Laundry Room)

    And then finally, a Foo Fighters EP; comprised of the 5 songs that were recorded AFTER Nirvana ended: This Is a Call; I'll Stick Around; Oh, George; X-Static; Wattershed.

    It makes a nice "Alternative" release as compared to how it planned out. I tried using all the best sourced material.

  39. Any thoughts on a new reconstruction? It's been 2 months...

  40. An alternate Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars would be interesting. He had originally intended to include "Amsterdam" by Jacques Brel, "Round and Round" by Chuck Berry, and some originals "Velvet Goldmine", a re-recording of "Holy, Holy" and "Sweet Head". During the sessions there were also recordings of "Jean Genie" and "John, I'm Only Dancing". Of course the album would've suffered from the lack of "Suffragette City", "Starman", "It Ain't Easy" and "Rock 'n' Roll Suicide", but it'd be an interesting alternate take on the masterpiece.

    1. Well, to kill time between SLN releases, if you want to compose a Ziggy Stardust album as it would have been released perhaps a few months too early it'd probably be something like this:

      1. Five Years
      2. Soul Love
      3. Round and Round
      4. Amsterdam
      5. Lady Stardust
      6. Ziggy Stardust
      7. Suffragette City
      8. Velvet Goldmine
      9. Sweet Head
      10. Holy, Holy
      11. Rock 'N' Roll Suicide

      I added the Arnold Corns' versions of "Hang Onto Yourself" and "Moonage Daydream" on The Man Who Sold The World and Hunky Dory, respectively. Also added "It Ain't Easy" to HD as it was recorded for that album, anyway. Aladdin Sane is practically Ziggy Part II so adding the leftover tracks would not sound out of place.

    2. Bowie's original handwritten track list for this album (from December 1971) ran like this:

      Side One:
      Five Years
      Soul Love
      Moonage Daydream
      Round and Round
      Port of Amsterdam

      Side Two:
      Hang Onto Yourself
      Ziggy Stardust
      Velvet Goldmine
      Holy Holy
      Lady Stardust

      I put this together on CD a couple of years ago and it works fairly well, although you can see why Bowie continued recording into 1972.

  41. Sorry, but we are way over due for a reconstruction

  42. Is this blog pretty much dead now? I have been checking it regularly for an update and there is nothing. I am sure you are busy, but please at least keep your fans updated.

  43. I heard mentioned that there was a CSN&Y album in the pipeline in the 1970's which was never released, any chance you have reconstructed that as well?
    Love the reconstructed Neil Young Chrome Dreams set, that would have been so much better than American Stars n Bars.

    1. You mean Human Highway? Yeah, he made a version of that.

  44. Thanks for all the cool stuff. Any chance of attempting the Band's lost album TOMBSTONE ?

  45. Hope you're alright. A sudden silence like this is worrisome.

  46. Hey there folks. The blog isn't dead. I've just been very busy in my own musical projects, recording an album and then being asked to play in a new band who is gearing up to tour. As stated before, I have a year's worth of reconstructions ready to go, it's just a matter of sitting down and writing the essays, which now have become sort of a chore since the actual audio work was done months ago (and in some cases last year). But honestly maybe I needed a break, sometimes it seems more like a chore instead of something I originally started doing for fun.

    I will try to have something up by the end of the month!

    1. Alright! Good to know you're alive, since I don't know that we could send someone to check on you. Best of luck with the music! I, myself, am trying to put together a solo album and a blues band. I know it's tough.

  47. Cool! Looking forward to future chores, er... projects!

  48. Don't take too much offense, Sonic. If these other folk are anything like me, they look forward to your posts like they look forward to a new album by their favorite artist. In my case, and probably quite a few of the others, most of our favorite artists are either dead or dying and these alternate views are a high point of the month for us who live for music. That being said, how's about "Rafferty's Folly" by Richard & Linda Thompson, the alternate Shoot Out The Lights. Track listing, as I've read, goes like:

    Don’t Renege On Our Love (5:17)
    Back Street Slide (4:28)
    Walking On A Wire (5:13)
    The Wrong Heartbeat (3:10)
    Shoot Out The Lights (4:59)
    For Shame Of Doing Wrong (4:16)
    I’m A Dreamer (4:10)
    Modern Woman (3:10)
    Just The Motion (6:14)
    Wall Of Death (3:26)

    Glad to hear you're not dead or dying, too.

    1. The original is out there kicking around : I've seen it on a few different sites. I had a copy that I've since misplaced : it's not very good, to be honest, and I love Richard Thompson. Horrid production, to be sure.

    2. Yeah... after some listens I believe I agree. Glad to have the official Shoot Out The Lights in the world, even gladder "Wrong Heartbeat" didn't make the cut.

    3. Second that very much! My copy of Folly is very bad boot and I'm sure there are cleaner versions around. Linda often said she rather liked the (non) album so this should be fairly satisfying as Richard hated it?

  49. Hope you're well! Looking forward to your upcoming projects...

    someone in comments for "Jigsaw" suggested the Stones' "Could You Walk On Water" ... "Necrophilia" would be good too.

    Perhaps Prince's "Camille" album in tribute to his passing.

    BTW, anyone else notice that if you turn the cover art for Lily upside down, it's actually Pete and his schnoz! ;-)

  50. Nine Inch Nails - the concept album that should've been Bleedthrough but instead turned into With Teeth.

  51. The Velvet Underground's White Light/White Heat album would've been far better if 'Guess I'm Falling in Love' was in the tracklist instead of 'The Gift' - a shame the studio cut outtake was only a backing track as they played it live with vocals.

  52. "I will try to have something up by the end of the month!"

    ahem.... :)

  53. Hi, SLN. Take your time and nvm the impatient kind.
    I made a Bob Dylan Basement collection, that I wanted to share with your. Bob Dylan - In The Big Pink. I have tried to "remaster", edit rather, the songs and put together a gro9ve ty album.


      Here is the REAL link!

    2. Bob Dylan - In The Big Pink

      Side A

      1. Santa-Fe
      2. Million Dollar Bash
      3. Yea! Heavy and a Bottle of Bread
      4. Please Mrs. Henry
      5. Crash on the Levee
      6. Lo and Behold!
      7. Tiny Montgomery
      8. This Wheels on Fire

      Side B
      1. Apple Suckling Tree
      2. You Ain't Goin' Nowhere
      3. I Shall be Released
      4. Too Much of Nothing
      5. Tears of Rage
      6. Quinn the Eskimo
      7. Open the Door Homer
      8. Nothing Was Delivered

      Ok, ok... So what I did was isolate and remove the noise on the tracks. Carefully.
      I cleaned up the sound and made the different Hz volumes higher or lower. Careful not to make the sounds unnatural.

    3. No? I can open it without problem. Strange...

  54. Like everyone else who visits this blog, I'm eagerly awaiting the next post from Sonic. To pass the time I'm been reading the comments from the past two years posts, and see that there are a lot of requests for possible reconstructions. As I too have way too much time on my hands I decided to give some of them a go myself, and so I've reconstructed the following: The Hollies lost 1968 album with Graham Nash, The Small Faces '1862', The Grateful Dead 'Days Between', Blind Faith's second album, with judicial edits of the long jam tracks, Neil Young & Crazy Horse 'Oh, Lonesome Me', The Smashing Pumpkins 'Moon' demo, and a companion album 'Sun' from the same sessions, The Nazz 'Fungo Bat', and one from the Album Fixer's site of an imagination of what an Eagles album could have sounded like in 1981 if they hadn't split in 1980. I can upload links for all of these for anyone who wants to listen to them, but I want to run it past Sonic first in case any on these are on the 'to do' list, and you'd rather I didn't post them. All albums come with (mostly) exclusive artwork, so if I get the go-ahead from Sonic I'll post some links here later.

    1. I would especially love to hear the Eagles album.

    2. I have also done the first two. My Hollies album is as follows:

      Side 1
      1 - King Midas in Reverse
      2 - Open Up Your Eyes
      3 - Man With No Expression (Horses Through a Rainstorm)
      4 - Jennifer Eccles
      5 - Do the Best You Can
      6 - Relax

      Side 2
      1 - Wings
      2 - Tomorrow When It Comes
      3 - Everything Is Sunshine
      4 - Like Every Time Before
      5 - Signs That Will Never Change
      6 - All the World Is Love
      7 - Listen to Me

      My 1862 is posted above, and Sonic said he has made one.

    3. I would like to hear these - with Sonic's permission/approval, of course - especially the Dead and NY&CH ones.

    4. The NY would be much appreciated

  55. My Hollies reconstruction only uses about half of the above tracks, so is quite different, but the crowning glory is a version of 'Marrakesh Express', using The Hollies backing track under Graham Nash's vocal demo that he presented to CSN. It's not my own work, but I'm sure that the person who did it won't mind me sharing as he's posted it on Soundcloud. Brian, I've used your track listing for my reconstruction as I thought that it worked well, and I've edited like you said, with some seguing of some of the tracks. As you said that you didn't know how to upload I though I could do it on your behalf, unless Sonic has this lined up for his next post.

  56. No word from Sonic yet, and as I'm on holiday for a couple of weeks from next week and don't want to keep you all hanging, I thought that I'd post a few of my recontructions that I though Sonic probably wouldn't do, so I wouldn't be stepping on his toes. Starting with The Hollies.
    The Hollies - Listen To Us (Unreleased 1968)
    Slightly different track listing to Brian's version, and I got the song titles to use from here, but can't recall where I got the order from. Added the 'Marrakesh Express' demo to the end. The cover is one of mine.

    01 Open Up Your Eyes
    02 Do The Best You Can
    03 Relax
    04 Tomorrow When It Comes
    05 Man With No Expression
    06 Like Every Time Before
    07 The Times They Are A-Changin' (live)
    08 Wings
    09 Jennifer Eccles
    10 A Taste Of Honey (orchestral version)
    11 Blowing In The Wind
    12 Listen To Me
    13 Marrakesh Express (Hollies backing track synced with Nash's demo vocal)

    1. Cool - another one I've been meaning to do for ages.

  57. The Eagles - Dirty Laundry (1981)

    An imagining by The Album Fixer of what the next Eagles album might have sounded like had they not split in 1980. Tracks are from their various solo albums and soundtrack work (a LOT of soundtrack work) that were released in 1981. The Meisner track 'Gotta Get Away' is included as apparently it has Henley and Felder on backing vocals. You can read the full story here:

    01 Heavy Metal (Don Felder)
    02 Dirty Laundry (Don Henley)
    03 Gotta Get Away (Randy Meisner)
    04 All Night Long (Joe Walsh)
    05 The One You Love (Glenn Frey)
    06 A Life of Illusion (Joe Walsh)
    07 Leather and Lace (Stevie Nicks and Don Henley)
    08 I Found Somebody (Glenn Frey)
    09 Hearts of Fire (Randy Meisner)
    10 Love Rules (Don Henley)
    11 Never Surrender (Don Felder)

  58. So you mothers out there... There is a new RADIOHEAD album out. Nice huh?
    Well I was talking to this one nice guy and he said that The King of Limbs was good, but he was not that happy about it. It felt like something was missing, he said.I was like: "dude! Are we talking about The same album? Cheese, I Take photo now."
    No! I was talking about this album:

    I am ready for that kiss now SLN! Hope you enjoy this album album. Every song is made to fit and I used The King of Limbs Live from The Basement as songlist blueprint. The Butcher became the first song, because Thom didn't see how it could fit into the album.

    1. RADIOHEAD - The King of Limbs

      01. The Butcher
      02. These Are My Twisted Words
      03. Bloom
      04. The Daily Mail
      05. Feral
      06. Little By Little
      07. Codex
      08. Separator
      09. Lotus Flower
      10. Staircase
      11. Morning Mr Magpie
      12. Give Up The Ghost
      13. Supercollider

      This breaks thethe "Two EPs feeling".
      I likejl hn

  59. Neil Young - Homegrown (Unreleased 1975)

    This one was something of a labour of love, as I've been wanting to hear this for years, but of course Young has the tracks safely locked away, and keeps teasing us with hints of it's inclusion in the Archive series. I found a tentative track listing here:

    and he'd even collected together live versions of all these songs so that we could hear them, but the sound quality was very variable (sometimes almost unlistenable), and I felt that he shouldn't include a track from 2008, for instance, as it is much too far from when the original would have been recorded. I therefore decided to try to track down better quality versions which were more period-appropriate, and I managed to find all of them bar two songs. Most of them were live versions, but I've tried to cut out as much audience noise as possible, by starting the track when the music comes in, and fading before the applause if it didn't intrude on the song, so that it flows like the actual album would have done. I'm quite pleased with the result, and even found a proposed official cover for it (not sure if it's legit or not, but I like it).

    01 Homegrown
    02 Try
    03 Homefires
    04 Star Of Bethlehem
    05 Little Wing
    06 The Old Homestead
    07 Pardon My Heart
    08 Separate Ways
    09 Love Art Blues
    10 White Line
    11 Give Me Strength
    12 Bad News
    13 Kansas

    I'd be interested to hear what people think of this one, as it is my first real attempt at editing, and the one that I spent the longest time on.

    1. the song you have down as 'homefires' is 'ride my llama' from rust never sleeps.
      i'm not sure the album would have started with homegrown - far too rocky and jangly for an opening track on an NY album.
      the version of 'bad news comes to town' you have is from the '87 bluenotes tour. no way that would be on here with those horns.

      good effort though. hopefully the real album is unearthed soon.

    2. I got 'Homefires' from the 'Chromes Dreams' bootleg, and having checked I see that their numbering on the notes missed off track 10, so I was one out from track 11, and included 'Ride My Llama' by mistake!
      Having reread the notes on 'Chrome Dreams' I've decided to include their version of 'Homegrown', as although it is essentially the same as the eventually released take, the guitars are slightly different, and so it warrants inclusion. I tried to find a different version of 'Bad News' but the horns one is the only one out there, so although it doesn't really fit, I thought the song was a good one and so had to include it. Thinking about it now it does intrude a bit, so I've decided to remove it, and by using the shorter version of 'Homegrown' I'm left with a nice 45 minute album, with only 'Little Wing' sounding out of place.
      Speaking of which, listening to it again, I wasn't happy with the fade at the end, so have redone that, and also managed to mostly get rid of that annoying glitch at the beginning.
      Jake made a good point about starting the album with a rocker, so I've also rejigged the running order, to space out the rock and acoustic tracks. So even if you've downloaded this already then give the new version a try and see it you think it has improved it.

      New Running Order

      01 Star Of Bethlehem
      02 Try
      03 Homefires
      04 Little Wing
      05 The Old Homestead
      06 Pardon My Heart
      07 Homegrown
      08 Give Me Strength
      09 Love Art Blues
      10 White Line
      11 Kansas
      12 Separate Ways

  60. Grateful Dead - Days Between (Unreleased 1995)

    Like the Neil Young album above, the is collection of live versions of the songs that the band were working on just before Jerry Garcia died in 1995. Therefore, none of these songs have Garcia on them, but the are still identifiable as the Dead. This is a mixture of two bootlegs that I found online, with the best tracks taken from each. I edited them to flow together, with minimal audience noise where possible.

    01 Liberty
    02 Wave To The Wind
    03 Corrina
    04 Lazy River Road
    05 Eternity
    06 So Many Roads
    07 Way To Go Home
    08 Days Between
    09 Easy Answers
    10 Childhood's End
    11 If The Shoe Fits

    1. interesting indeed mate. Ever considered creating a blog as this one?

    2. I'd like to suggest The Faces' 1974 last album, with their last sessions and Ronnie Lane's Anymore for Anymore

  61. Yes - Works (1975)

    This collection is based on sydfloyd's comments here, where he said that he had constructed an album made up of tracks from various solo releases from 1975/76. Being a massive Yes fan, I just had to make my own version, so here it is. I've edited it exactly as sydfloyd said, and have even made the covers that he suggested, of which I'm particularly pleased at how it turned out.

    01 Ocean Song - 3:05
    02 Impressions (The Dream) - 2:49
    03 Spring Song of Innocence - 5:02
    04 Avakak - 6:55
    05 Hold Out Your Hand – 4:13
    06 Solid Space – 5:21
    07 The Nature of the Sea – 3:57
    08 To The Runner – 4:29
    09 Impact > Warmer Hands > The Storm 7:54
    10 Moon Ra / Chords / Song of Search – 12:48
    11 Beginnings - 7:31
    12 Silently Falling – 11:27
    13 Qoquaq Ën Transic / Naon / Transic Tö – 7:08
    14 Marching Into a Bottle - 2:00
    15 Break Away From It All – 4:19
    16 Symphony in the Space - 2:56
    17 Doors of Sleep – 4:08
    18 Safe (Canon Song) – 14:56
    19 Ram - 1:54

    If you are a fan of Yes then this is a great listen

    Part 1

    Part 2

    1. I looked at this idea a while back and decided on a single disc album and this is what I came up with:
      1. Ocean Song - Anderson
      2. Meeting (Garden of Geda) / Sound Out The Galleon - Anderson
      3. One Way Rag – White
      4. Ram - Howe
      5. Hold Our Your Hand – Squire

      1. Beginnings – Howe
      2. You by My Side – Squire
      3. Song of Innocence – White
      4. Cachaça (Baião) – Moraz
      5. Break Away from It All – Howe

    2. Part 2 doesn't work. Would it be possible to re-upload Part 2?

    3. That's odd, as my link does and I've just downloaded it, but here it is again

    4. If Part 2 doesn't work, try this one, which is a brand new upload.

    5. The new link worked. Thanks for the extra effort. Looking forward to hearing some 'new' Yes now.

  62. Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Oh, Lonesome Me (Unreleased 1970)

    This is another of sydfloyd's ideas of what Neil Young & Crazy Horse's second album might have sounded like is if had come out in 1970. It's a nice collection of Young and Crazy Horse tracks which works pretty well.

    01 Winterlong
    02 Look At All The Things
    03 Everybody's Alone
    04 Downtown
    05 Wonderin'
    06 It Might Have Been
    07 Oh, Lonesome Me
    08 I Don't Want To Talk About It
    09 When You Dance, I Can Really Love
    10 I Believe In You
    11 Dance Dance Dance
    12 Birds

  63. Blind Faith - Blind Faith II (Unreleased 1969)

    With the recent release of the remastered sole album by the band, with a second CD of bonus tracks, I thought I'd piece together what a second album by the band could have sounded like. The problem was that there were only three vocal tracks, one proper instrumental, and five really lengthy jam sessions. After listening to the jams all the way through I thought that they were pretty well recorded, but ultimately they did go on a bit, and some of it was very repetitive, so I decided to see if I could edit them each down to a concise five to six minute instrumental track, and once I'd done that and jigged them into a reasonable running order I was left with a nice little 46 minute album.

    01 Sleeping In The Ground I
    02 Slow Jam #1
    03 Time Winds
    04 Jazz Thing
    05 Can't Find My Way Home (Electric Version)
    06 Change Of Address
    07 Slow Jam #2
    08 Blues Jam
    09 Sleeping In The Ground II

    There's still a lot of instrumental music on here, and you might not agree with the edits, but you can judge for yourself as I'm also posting the complete versions of these five jams.

    The Jams

    Well, that's your lot for now, and hope you enjoy these efforts of mine. I've now trawled through all of the comments of this blog and these are results of requests that sounded interesting and that I thought that I could pull off. The last couple that I did were the double album version of 'Abacab' by Genesis, and the unreleased 4th album by The Stooges, so they might come later, and I still have '1862', Fungo Bat', 'Stampede', and 'Four More Respected Gentlemen' if Sonic doesn't mind me posting them.


  64. One final post. I can't remember if it was someone on this blog that was talking about the legendary 20 minute version of The Beatles' Helter Skelter, and we know pretty much for certain that it doesn't exist, but some years ago I did stumble on this bootleg of 18 different versions of it. They vary from short extracts to almost full recordings, and although they are only in 128 I thought some of you might be interested.

    1. Actually, we know for absolute certainty that the 27 minute take DOES exist, as it is part of the documented archive at Abbey Road studios. Whether we'll ever hear it is another matter....

  65. A 2nd studio LP from The Yardbirds is a good project. In the US they issued "Having a Rave Up with The Yardbirds," but only the first side was made up of studio tracks with new guitarist Jeff Beck. Side two consisted of live tracks with Eric Clapton on guitar from the previous year. A better track list (recorded between April and Sept '65) I think would have been:

    Side A - 18:28
    1. You’re a Better Man Than I
    2. Evil Hearted You
    3. I’m a Man
    4. Still I’m Sad
    5. My Girl Sloopy
    6. Heart Full of Soul

    Side B - 19:37
    1. Shapes of Things
    2. I Ain’t Done Wrong
    3. Steeled Blues
    4. I’m Not Talking
    5. New York City Blues
    6. Train Kept a-Rollin’

    1. I had a similar idea a few years ago, but still haven't got around to compiling it:

      'A Yardbirds Eye View of Beat’

      Side One:
      Someone To Love 2:22 (part 1-take 15)
      Heart Full Of Soul 2:27
      Steeled Blues 2:36
      My Girl Sloopy 5:36
      I'm Not Talking 2:31
      I Ain't Done Wrong 3:37
      Still I'm Sad 2:57

      Side Two:
      Evil Hearted You 2:23
      I'm A Man 2:33
      Shapes Of Things 2:35
      New York City Blues 4:19
      Mr. You're A Better Man Than I 3:17
      The Train Kept A-Rollin' 3:25
      Someone To Love 4:16 (part 2)

      Perhaps I'll finally do it this afternoon.

      I also planned an Eric-era studio album:

      ‘The Yardbirds Play The Numbers’

      Side One:
      01 Baby What's Wrong 2:38 (demo)
      02 Boom Boom 2:25 (demo)
      03 Honey In Your Hips 2:18 (demo)
      04 I'm Talking About You 1:56 (demo)
      05 You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover (demo)
      06 I Wish You Would 2:18
      07 A Certain Girl 2:16

      Side Two:
      08 Good Morning Little Schoolgirl 2:44 (master)
      09 I Ain't Got You 1:59
      10 Sweet Music 2:36 (version 2 - take 4)
      11 Putty (In Your Hands) 2:17
      12 For Your Love 2:28
      13 Got To Hurry 2:34 (take 4-master)
      14 Louise (from TV broadcast)

    2. There's the For Your Love LP, which was mostly Eric. I just substitute the other singles from the time in for side 2 of Having a Rave-Up.

  66. I still am unable to download Part 2 of Yes. I get a "warning" that says "Yes is unsafe to download and was blocked". Part 1 downloads just fine without a problem. Really strange.

  67. Love The Yardbirds, so I'm taking up the challenge to put together a follow-up to the 'Roger The Engineer' album, which would have cemented their reputation as a top psychedelic band, rather than what happened when the more commercial stuff on 'Little Games' came out. Most of these songs were recorded between 'Roger' and 'Games', but only a few of them came out at the time as singles or B-sides. I've adapted the 'Cumular Limit' sleeve as I've always liked it, and I've used sydfloyd's title, but made it 'Yardbirds-eye...' as I think that what the original box set was trying to get at was a 'birds-eye view'.

    01 Happenings Ten Years Time Ago
    02 Think About It
    03 Stroll On
    04 Mr. You're A Better Man Than I
    05 You Stole My Love
    06 Puzzles
    07 L.S.D.
    08 I'm Not Talking
    09 Steeled Blues
    10 Someone To Love (Parts 1 & 2)
    11 Psycho Daisies
    12 New York City Blues

    I might be getting a bit too ambitious here, but a couple of the tracks that I was going to include turned out to be not that great, so to fill the gap I've joined 'Someone To Love' parts 1 and 2 together to make a six minute version. You'll probably spot the join, (as I'm only working with free audio editing software!) but it sort of works.

    and if you want to hear the depths that the band sank to while recording 'Little Games' then listen to this

    1. I wasn't happy with my work on joining 'Someone To Love' part 1 and 2, so I had another go and I think it sounds better now. New link for the whole album

      and if you already downloaded it, here is the reworked track.

  68. The title Gomelsky came up with for the bands proposed second album was indeed 'A Yardbirds' Eye View of Beat'. Yes, it is a pun on 'birds-eye view', but doesn't need to be written that way for it to work. This title was, of course, abandoned when they parted company with Gomelsky and went off to record the album known as 'Roger the Engineer'.

    My other Yardbirds project was a final album, for which I used the name 'Cumular Limit' as I always really liked that title:

    Side One:
    De Lane Lea (excerpt)
    Avron Knows
    Taking a Hold On Me
    My Baby
    Dazed & Confused
    Together Now

    Side Two:
    Goodnight Sweet Josephine
    Most Likely You’ll Go Your Way
    Spanish Blood
    Shining Where the Sun Has Been
    Knowing That I’m Losing You
    Think About It

    This one is probably my favourite Yardbirds album. Incidentally, those who feel the 'Little Games' album is weak should listen to the 1992 double CD edition 'Little Games Sessions & More', which shows off the material in a far better light.

    1. Including the Together and Renaissance songs is an interesting take. Certainly helps fill album. I tried to keep it all Yardbirds with my version of a '68 album:
      Side A
      1. Think About It
      2. Taking a Hold of Me
      3. Avron Knows
      4. Spanish Blood
      5. Dazed and Confused

      Side B
      1. Goodnight Sweet Josephine
      2. Most Likely You Go Your Way and I’ll Go Mine
      3. Knowing That I’m Losing You
      4. My Baby
      5. De Lane Lea Lee

  69. Hi sydfloyd. Nice selection there for a final album, and as I have the 'Cumular Limit' and 'Little Games' CDs then 'tis but the work of am moment to piece it together. I do agree that in hindsight 'Little Games' isn't as bad as it was made out at the time, but you have to admit that there is more pop on there than rock, and I'd love to see you try to defend 'I Remember The Night'!

    Track listing as above. I've used the phased US single version of 'Goodnight Sweet Josephine' as people might not have heard that one, and tidied up some of the studio chatter.

    I've called it 'Cumular Limit', but as I've already used the actual 'Cumular Limit' cover for my previous post I've made a new one. I know Beck's on there, but it's a clever idea, so I went with it.

  70. Cool - which version of 'Dazed & Confused' did you use? And what source did you get 'Knowing That I'm Losing You' from? I think I've only got a lossy copy of the latter.

    I wouldn't try to defend 'I Remember the Night' except to say that they had the sense not to include it on the album! It's an obvious attempt at a Small Faces-style Cockney knees-up, but it doesn't have much charm.

    As for the 'Little Games' sessions as a whole, being a fan of 60's pop probably helps, but there is plenty of nifty Page guitar work in there too.

  71. When I first heard 'I Remember The Night' I did think that they might be going for a 'Lazy Sunday' vibe, but while the SF managed to garner a hit single, the Yardbirds locked theirs away until it was excavated for the LG expanded edition (probably rightly so).
    I took 'Dazed And Confused' from the 'Cumular Limit' CD, and cut off all the backwards freakout stuff that was on the end as a secret bonus track, and the only take of 'Knowing That I'm Losing You' that I could find came as a free download from here

    and as I didn't think I was going to find a better version I used that.

  72. I have one for that, but I can't finish it until I get the new Roger the Engineer release, since I used the Keith Relf solo recordings in place of the extremely unfinished tracks, like "You Stole My Love". I try to keep the actual albums intact, if possible, so I left Little Games alone. As much as I like US version of "Goodnight Sweet Josephine", the only Yardbirds on the recording are Page and Relf, so I don't think it can go on the album. I keep it as a "bonus track".

  73. Amazing work, brilliant..lots of thanks!

  74. ´hat's off comrade. outstanding work! keep it on!

  75. I posted the tripe set (Who) at

    simply too good to be missed, have a look and thanks again!

  76. I’d really love to see reconstructions of the album’s in between your reconstructions. An album using the later sessions of My Generation, and an album using the later sessions of Who’s Lily/Sell Out would be awesome to fill gaps.

  77. Happy New Year SLN! Any chance of a 'Who's Lily' re-up?