Friday, January 14, 2022

Hey we got BAND SHIRTS for sale!

 We finally have something you never asked for!  


Because I am a broke ass musician/sound engineer/music nerd/blogger effected by the pandemic, I am now selling BAND SHIRTS for the various album covers that never were that I have done over the years.  Although initially a silly idea, who wouldn't want a Beatles "Band On The Run" shirt?  And they're only $25 which is kinda the going rate for band shirts, is it not?


Get 'em here:


I currently only have a handful of options to test the waters.  If this is a thing you like, I can add more designs, and possibly do requests of previous and future album reconstructions.  


Thanks and apologies for being a sellout!  


  1. Oh God! This is killer. Please please do a Beach Boys one. More than likely gonna get the Bob Dylan one too.

  2. A sell out? Naw, just naw. These are spectacular! They're great looking. Good work! I'm shopping!

  3. Sweet. I’ve been enjoying your blog for ages. Had to buy a shirt.

  4. I would buy 'The Shape of Questions to Heaven' in a heartbeat.

    1. Nice! Was going to do that one, but I no longer have the master photoshop project file anymore, so I'll have to rebuild it. I'll try to have that one available in February

  5. Great idea! I just ordered a Beatles on the run shirt.

  6. Awesome. I bought the Nirvana one, and there's others I would buy too.

  7. Hey, this is unrelated,
    but do you still have a download link for The Small Faces' 1862?